Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A new routine for a little while

When my long time project had finished, I was without any new one for a while. Biasa la tu. But only for about a week or so before raya. So nice jugak la time bulan puasa tu tadek la kena berkejar siapkan kerja or ape before cuti. 

Back from cuti raya je, I got a new project and surprise in store I have to work in shift. For about 3 months. The shift have to follow EMEA time, so I am currently working from 3pm til 12am. I am kinda loving this because I can work from home. Husband is loving this because that means almost everyday I will be cooking. Sebab got time maa. Gitula ceritanye. The cats love this because that means they get to be out most of the time. Well, the day. 

So I have some time to clean up the house, rearrange some stuffs, do laundry, do some groceries shopping, errand, hantar the cats to the vets when they got issues. In fact Pika2 will be sent to be spayed tomorrow. Lepas ni if die terlepas keluar tadek la risau kena impregnate dek miau jantan2 kabaret.

Itu die Pika2. and Brownie. Yeah. I got new cats. Actually one is about to be adopted. Waiting for confirmation gitu la. Brownie la. Pika2 tu, I pickup die masa tu sangat berkurap so I know how susah nak adopt out kucing kurap ni so I just kept her. But if anyone knows her I am ok with it :D Punya la lama tak berupdate pasal kucing that I didn't write it here how I found them. Maybe another time. Pika2 pon dah nak kena spayed dah. 

 Anyway, so about my routine, there were some lazy time of course, not all days I am productive, but I AM LOVING THIS SHIFT la weh. Of course quality time dengan Aziz sedikit suffer. But the thing not by much anyway sebab usually I got home around 8pm anyway and kalau kena masak lagi la sikit masa spend time dengan die. I am missing out his bedtime , but the usual morning preparation I la buat instead nowadays. So spend masa sikit time pagi je la dengan die. Bawak naik basikal la. Layan request meraban2 die. Oh walaupon I WFH I am still sending my boy to nursery. Cuma a bit later than usual. I still have a full time job. So yeah I took a break around 7.30pm till 9pm to cook and eat dinner with husband. Time tu lebih kurang macam lunch hour so ok la. By 12 am, which is by now ( which I am writing ) most of the things had finished, kira housework ke ape ke. If not by 1 am I tido la. 

This is not forever la only for this project, but I am enjoying the WFH time. Best :D . Project belom start demanding lagi, so rase macam best, bole curi2 tengok Projek Memikat Suami lagi which is on channel 104 at 5pm. Hoi comel la Emma Maembong tu. Ye sekarang adalah musim Rindu 200%, but I just can't deal with the woman .


lisalisut07 said...

u btul2 penggemar cats ni hehe. bestnye WFH. I WFH whenever I rs xsdp bdn kt ofis huhu., plus bos i dh almost a month xnmpk muka.lgla menjadi2 i wfh. kalau la forever like this kan best haha. sama la i pn hntr hannah to nursery wpn mcm guilty i stay at home tp hntr dia. sbb kdg2 ssh nk cntrol dia if ade keje n tgh keadaan mabuk skrg rsnye better hntr je huhu..cuma msk je i xbuat. xthn bau.. u kire terer siap masak hehe

dils said...

Baca kat twitter best je u bole request mintak WFH without boss making much a fuss. Rase macam nak apply keje situ pon ye :D Kite orang ni dulu camtu, then tuka management terus kenot :( Skang shift or very special circumstances je boleh

Mari Femme said...

The perks of working at company yg provide that kind of flexibility. I enjoyed mine two years ago and bile dah jump to another company, mak aihhh liat betul nk kne disiplinkan diri dgn strict working hours. Haha.

Enjoy your time Dils!!

dils said...

Oh yes. The upside of my current company is the flexibility. Paling best if you have family.

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