Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Aziz favorite book

My husband and I went out shopping groceries at Carrefour, well I think it is now Aeon Save is it? Sometimes there are a piles of books longgok in between the aisles. The price can be cheap ranging from RM4 to RM30. Depending on the book. 

Can't remember the price of this book though, less than RM12 most probably. Bought it for Aziz because I think he would enjoy a story of a boy. 

It is about a boy name Harold who likes to eat junk food and fries and basically no greens. His mother forbid him to eat the stuffs and he decided to eat himself. Aziz is tickles at every page. 

And he loves it! Wants it to be read to him EVERY SINGLE DAY. I put the book on the living room bookshelf that he can reach. Whenever he got bored of playing his mainan, he will take out his book and go to whoever is available and asked us to 'Aca' ( 'Baca'... sekarang ni kalau cakap semua hurup depan tu silent ).

It is either this or the little dragons pop up book. But this book came way more often. Kenkadang tengah tengok TV he will come with us with the book untuk 'Aca'. Kalau dah macam tu ko mampu lagi nak tengok tv? Semalam pon I was busy since bapak nye tadek outstation, die nampak buku tu he will goes 'Aca'. Lepas tu 'Agi' ('Lagi') . I cakap habis dah.

Anyway, it is funny what sorta book a kid will like. Yang random punye aku amik time grocery shopping la suke. Yang beria-ria aku pilih buat bodoh je. 

Macam mana you people read the book to toddlers who barely understand ABC? I found it easier to just 'summarize' the thing itself in BM while pointing at the pictures. He is more interested in that rather than just I repeat the lines off the book. 


lisalisut07 said...

hehe clever Aziz. same here Dils. Hannah still not recognize ABC. sebut boleh tp bila tunjuk selain huruf ABCD dia xtau. normally I summarize je in BM. siap buat cerita sndri lg haha. cz kdg2 diorg ni tak sbr asik nk flip pages je xsempat nk habiskan one page dh flip sne sini. I think your way pn ok je. dlu Hannah mcm Aziz ni la. masa fasa "Rajin" membaca. Dia mintak bacakan kene layan ye tak. hehe. Now she's more interested dgn toys dari books.

dils said...

Advanced gak Hannah sebut ABCD. Aziz tu main taram je. Tapi biasala. Toddlers takkan beria nak bagi lesson plan bagai. Haha.

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