Monday, June 02, 2014

Exhausted and pukey most of the time

I have a bun in the oven!

This is the my third pregnancy. As some knows my first was a miscarriage at 7 weeks, then got Aziz and now this lil bean in my uterus. Hoping and praying that all goes well and smoothly. 

I should be in my 13 weeks or 14 weeks now. Actually my app says I am in my 13 weeks, but my gynae said I am in week 14. Ok. Tak kesah la. excited jugak because Insya Allah, this year all the sisters in our family had or will have a brand new baby to the family. My sister dah deliver 3 4 months ago, my eldest will be delivering her soon in a month time I think and me probably end of November ( laki tak puas hati  November sebab banyak hadiah kena beli nanti)

Continuing with my previous gynae, Dr Tan A.E at PCMC. Senang. Was thinking to go to Gleneagles, tapi Jalan Ampang time bebile buat aku sakit kepala bile nak buat checkup ( also nanti nak deliver I nak bilik sorang hehe ).  

Anyway suffering from the usual first trimester woes. Morning sickness. But this time it is added with exhaustion and back pains. The morning sickness also a whole lot worse from my previous pregnancy. There were days when I can't eat anything. Not eating rice since thoughts of rice make me feel queasy. Hoping this will pass SOON. The house is  a disaster and I can't seems to move a lot without feeling like I want to throw up. All I wanna do is lie down. Guess that is why I am also not really into updating blogs. Datang keje pon kenkadang macam menyesal. There were days I just stared at the screen not comprehending anything because I am feeling so nauseous most of the times.

Here's hoping things would get better for me! And this pregnancy continue to go well with a healthy baby. 

Sonogram and my mum's book.


Soraya Zainal said...

yay, same age with my baby K! congrats dila :D

lisalisut said...

haaaa wahhhh tahniah dils! take care :)

dils said...

Ha ah. Banyak geng baby ni. Thanks Sue.

dils said...

Thanks Lisa! :)

mommy nazeef said...

besnyerrr!! congrats dils bebeh!! take care :)

dils said...

Thanks norish!

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