Monday, June 23, 2014

Sad excuse of a mother

Inundated with a neglect cases, as a mom it breaks the heart. Macam kes budak kena culik or rape or bunuh. There is a special kind of sadness and rage. 

But when the perpetrator is own blood and kin, especially mak sendiri, rase macam tak masuk akal. There can only be sadness in this kind of case.

Macam kes budak kena dera sampai mati and the latest neglected OKU boy. What kind of pressure does it took that you can do that to your own child and not feel pity to them?

I am not a great mother, I am still learning to be a good mother. Especially sensorang jaga Aziz 2 3 minggu ni with morning sickness rase macam fuhhh. There was a low point yesterday when I realized I didn't take care of Aziz good enough these past weeks and that brings me down and I promised to do better. 

Semoga Tuhan will always keep my conscience with me even when things get hard that I don't lose my way like these mothers did. 

And sorry to say, walaupon I kinda get how they can get to the point of tiredness and not caring, to neglecting/abusing their kids, I hope they get what they deserved here and hereafter on their treatment to them. There is no excuse whatsoever that your child gets to be just a bag of bones while you are very well fed. And no excuse whatsoever throwing boiling water to any living things.


pet9 said...

i totally agree with you. a mother will always be a mother regardless what situation. once dia dah abai macam ni, she already stop being a mother, and a human. normal human being pun takkan sanggup buat orang macam ni. so I tak boleh terima excuse susah dia tu. whatever her reason, it's cruelty and child abuse. full stop.

lisalisut said...

i pn xbole terimaaaaa. if mak dia sama2 kurus keding mcm tu kelaparan sbb susah xpe gak. ini mak nye elok je hdup sng. so dlm kes ni xde nk bersangka baik dah..grrrrr. i doa i xjd mcm tu wpn thp kesabaran i ni xla tggi mana kdg2 nk lyn tantrums hannah huhu..

dils said...

Partly kesian, tapi honestly, she should be punished and closely monitored. Budak tu macam dah near brink of death dah. I can only hope she learned her lesson and know that people will help if you ask enough.

dils said...

Tu la, partly memahami la sebab kadang dengan anak sendiri pon kena tarik nafas panjang2, tapi sebagai mak memang tu la tanggungjawab... bersabar dengan anak. Kesian anak-anak die. Harap die learned her lesson and be a better mother.

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