Monday, March 18, 2013

Sometimes the best things in life is expensive

My expensive (for me la) lunch. Aku suke sangat O briens. Their bread is awesome and before this I ordered their salmon sandwich yg slathered with cream cheese and I fell out of love. Cheese is not meant to be eaten with salmon kut. It absolutely killed the taste.

So I ordered my favorite sandwich which is the sundried tomato one with ciabatta bread and my faith in O Briens had been restored. That great tomato taste which imo opinion most probably oven baked rather than sundried but hey with pollution level nowadays I am not complaining. Kemudian the cheese that goes into this sandwich just mesh well la. It is sticky gooey but not creamy. Just as I like it . Also makan apple pie which is not so great tapi tak kesah la. So this whole post is about a sandwich.  No wonder I tombam.


frH said...

lunch makan sandwich ... whohhh .. respect!!
sbb aku xmampu buat haha .. ;)

dils said...

haha... sekali sekala. die kena selang seli dengan nasi la. Kalu tak gelupur.

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