Monday, March 11, 2013

Cloud Atlas

Saw it finally after I was excited seeing the trailer masa I pregnant dulu. Kenapa I excited... sebab ade Jim Sturgess laa. 

You should watch One Day, then read the book. The film is not all that, but the book... I don't know why, but there is something about British writers that I love. They don't pander. They get the story out, and still hit all the emotional notes. And One Day is a beautful story of friendship and love and life. It is predictable, but I love it nonetheless. Hoi baca je la One Day tu ok. 

And whyyyyy. Kenapa melalut cerita pasal One Day, tapi tajuk Cloud Atlas. Melalut kejab sebab Jim Sturgess is wonderful. He is my new James McAvoy. 

This film is around 3 hours. It took me 2 days as my free days is not as it is before. Heh. I heard that Cloud Atlas is a monster of a book. The story spans centuries, past , present and future. From 1849 to 2321. There are 6 stories in them. If not all, almost most of the actors have some roles in each stories, big or small. 

The one that is most memorable to me is the Sonmi story ( Jim Sturgess is an Asian! He kicks ass! He is romantic! Hellooooo ) and the Cambridge story. Sonmi story is wonderfully futuristic, lovely and sad. The action and set and effects is typical Wachowski. But the Cambridge story is about the life of a n impoverished musician, his love for a man is the one that moved me. I never care much about LGBT stories as I can't relate to it and I don't have any strong opinion on it ether. But this particular love story. Maybe it is the actors, but my heart breaks for them that it don't for others. If the other stories (some are yawn-ish, some are lovely and riveting), this one.. bring it home. 

I am itching to read the book because I don't get it. Tapi I don't think so I will read it. There are other books! Many others to be read! Anyway below are the observations and questions I had when I watch Cloud Atlas area. 

(Spoiler to those who cares)

Why Frobisher kill himself? I don't get it? 

Why is Sonmi is important? Exactly how did Gen Chang knows she is ? 

Why people choose to listen to  her? I don't get Sonmi. 

Why Cavendish brother locked him in nursing home? I don't get it. 

Isaac Sachs storyline into Luisa Rey is completely pointless. 

When Cavendish yells out "Soylent Green is people" in his storyline, I am not at all surprised on how the Sonmi story pan out. 

Sonmi and Gen Chang love story is cute and lovely and tragic, but Bae Doona made it so. Jim Sturgess I am sorry to say, can be turn into a mannequin for all I care and I hardly notice. He is heroic and regal and handsome... but why does he loves Sonmi so?? I don't get it. 

I love everything about the Frobisher story. The affair with Ayrs (or who the heck it is) is also kinda pointless, but aside from that, everything melodramatic about this story works.

I want to watch it again, but I don't think so I can larat go through 3 hours of it. Tapi nak tengok Jim Sturgess. Maybe I'll search for Upside Down next then for my Sturgess fix. 

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