Saturday, October 01, 2011

Update Kucing Untuk Bulan Ini

Fasha had been sick for a few days. Not her usual prowly self. She had been sleeping 20 out of 24 hours, and macam invalid. Would only eat a few bites and drink watery milk from my hand. Kucing-kucing aku ni memang mengada. So took her to a vet favorite kucing2 ni near Setiawangsa. 

Puteh had been there 3 times, Kurap one time, so now turn Fasha pulak. Almost every month pergi vet. Dear governments, can we have some tax rebate for vet bills. At least this one is the least expensive vet, but at least Fasha seems to be responding well. The vet said she have a fever and gave her an injection, by night time she is beginning to get all prowly again. So the medication must have been working. So hoping she gets better and get on my nerves again. 

Puteh is whipped

Now Puteh is integrating well into the household. Well, except he kept on getting beat up by Kurap. Whenever Kurap is feeling pissed and she saw Puteh nearby she will gave him a whack. Kurap tu nampak je comel, tapi gangster. 

He is now a fully domesticated cat. He likes to sit near people. Enjoy being around people. Will not hesitate to park himself on top of you if you are watching TV. And he got himself snipped (neutered /spayed) and ever since then lagi la tanak keluar rumah. Well at least, after getting spayed, he never sprayed around the house again, not anywhere I noticed at least. And kalau bukak pintu pon, 2 ekor female tu will bounded joyfully out the house, but he just sniffed at the doorstep and got in the house again. 

Also I noticed that he likes a belly rub. I can never give Fasha and Kurap a belly rub. Maybe kucing jantan je kut suke cause I remembered that Chics likes to cium perut Ah Beng. Hihi. If I ever do that to Kurap yang montel dan berlemak tu, I will look like Freddy Krueger had given me a facial. 

Can I get any cuter?

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