Friday, October 07, 2011

Penat tapi kurang puas

Hoiii... tajuk tak dan dan kan??

But this is the feeling that I got. Well, I won a preview pass to the BIGGEST BADDEST BOOK SALE EVER. Big Bad Wolf Book Sales 2011, where the price is epic.

The preview pass is for yesterday (6th Oct) only. And I can only bring 1 other person with me. So I took along Sue who I know appreciate a good warehouse book sales. And of course aku nak buli Sue untuk ambik aku kat Midvalley. So right after work, off we went, which only left us around 2 hours to browse and buy. ( It started at 12pm to 9pm. But the normal sales hour is from 10 am to 9pm ). 

The BBW at MAEPS last night. 
But it was awesome that I got the preview pass as I could browse easily and get from aisle to aisle without looking over people shoulders. It also gives me a chance to quickly browse and quickly filled my shopping bag. I brought 3 shopping bag. By 8.30pm, 2 was full and the other one is half full. I can hardly walk due to the weight of the books. I was dreadfully tired because I have a light lunch and browsing books and lugging it around in a large hall that could fit a football field is making me really lightheaded. So I stopped looking. At this time I miss my husband. Awwww... Dilssss. 

There was a husband and wife there, where I noticed the husband kept on pointing out all the authors that his wife apparently like so the wife could take a look. This is what usually my husband does when he accompany me. And also he will carry all those books. Sigh.  Imagine if I have his shoulder, I would get more books! 

In the end I bought 30 books, for the price of RM236. It is a so-so achievement because I think the last sales I bought almost 50 books. And when I got back home, I was kinda like... ehh.. I thought I bought a lot. But then, I am tottering side to side carrying the books, I don't think so even if I have the energy I can buy more. I still have to get to Midvalley and carry my books to my car on foot. So , have to stop. Which is why tak puas because I feel I could buy more. Also partly because I am kicking myself that I put down a book called "Atlantis", then I thought that I had already put in my book. Only during paying I noticed that it is not in the bag. Bahh. 

Funny how missing one book which I had never heard before, could make me feel slightly down. I guess I need to cheer up because not all people could get the preview pass and browse easily. And on the bright side, there are a lot of books that I had my eyes on and are now are able to buy. 

My tower of chic lits

I stacked this chic lit that I bought with the other books to compare if perhaps I had gone slightly insane at the chic lit aisles.

My 'other' books consisting of thriller/horror/fiction/travel/fantasy/biographical/historical

Comparing this stack and chic lits, it seems the chic lit won. LOL.

Later Updated: 
Ops... the other books won, as I missed one book which is :

I counted again this morning and was baffled why I only have 29 books. Looked again in my shopping bag and there it is. The book above is a collection of letters they got from 16 teens during the WW2. Quite a good find. ( I love all WW stories related )

Also I am very pleased that I found Anne Berry - The Hungry Ghosts. I was tempted to buy at Borders, but of course I put it off.

For the little ones

The above I bought for my anak2 sedara. Didn't buy anything for Aleeya, ( my 4 mths old niece ), but of course because she is 4 mths. 

I didn't get much chance to browse, but perhaps if I am rajin, I will go again later on before the sales finish, to browse on obscure authors and titles. However I am kinda doubtful, because, I need to save money for my upcoming trip and well, 27 books ( exclude children ), is a normal amount for a functional adult. So, be still my greedy, greedy heart. Read all the bought books first.

I am pleased overall. The MAEPS hall is airy, the staffs are nice, we even have staffs helping to roll our books around in a trolley after paying on the way out and wait for us to get to our car so we can drive right at the entrance. And they have music! I remembered singing along to one of the Grease tune while searching for books. Yes I was tired, but it was worth it. I am not sure if I can get another chance like this next year!

So thank you Big Bad Wolf for giving me a chance to win a preview pass! Thank you Sue for bringing me there and the insane journey to get out of UPM!  Thank you husband who gives me moolah so I don't have to sit in a corner contemplating painfully if I really do need this book! 

p/s: blog posts may have lots of grammatical errors or sentence that does not make sense. Tired. I am. 


Small Kucing said...

Penat ya...My legs still cramp from the sale LOL. I see we bought a few similar books. Tony Parson& Madeline. Julia queen books best ke? Regret putting it down la

Dils said...

Yeah. It gets really tiring. I can't imagine how tired I would be if there's a massive crowd!

I love Tony Parsons ever since About a Boy. I love Julia Quinn books. They're funny. But they're some books that are hit and miss. Try them out, if you like historical/regency romance.

FrH said...

wohhhh aku dah agak dah kau mmg melampau .. haha 30books yo, tp pernah sampai 50..? gilelah!!! kau mesti one of them who drag the travelling bag along :P

i went there twice in a row (sunday & yesterday). haha mmg xpuas ..!! but my total damage not as much as yours sbb mostly i spent on hadzim books :)

shu said...

Nak pnjm buku venice! Oh toy story book!!

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