Saturday, October 22, 2011

RIP Puteh :(

Puteh the sweetest cat ever, died this afternoon. I only had him for a few months, but he completely stole my heart. He have the sweetest disposition. I can only hope in the months that we took him, he got the best months of his life. 

God, this is so depressing. Losing 2 cats in 2 weeks :( 

He died of the same thing of Fasha, maybe worse. He was unable to breathe properly the last 2 days. This house feels so, so empty. 

Today I am feeling like I can never be happy again. I hope Kurap will stay healthy. Please God, let her stay healthy. 

Looking through the computer, I found this precious pic of Fasha when she was a wee little kittie. This is among the first pics I took of her. 



Anasfadilah said...

comel jek fasha masa kecik..

RIP puteh,now u can follow fasha in cat's heaven.

rumah takde kucing memang sunyi dils,aku tahu perasaan tu

chics said...

I am so so sorry.

*hug you kuat-kuat

Dils said...

Dila: Tadek la sunyi sgt sbb Kurap sgt bising. Heh. Tapi rase lain macam la. Mcm dah biasa ade 3 makhluk berbulu ke sana sini, sekarang ade 1. Nak beli makanan pon rase sedih. Dulu sampai tak larat2 nk angkat plastik makanan die org, sekarang kena amik yg kecik2 je.

Chics: Thanks chics :)

mommy nazeef said...

la dils...puteh pulok??berjangkit kot sakitnyer??cian adopt kucing lagi 2 ekor...ganti balik..

Dils said...

Ha ah norish. Berjangkit. By the time Fasha dah teruk sakit baru separatekan so dah too late. Tsk, tsk. Dah jadi camni. Kesian Fasha and Puteh.

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