Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Various Updates after Raya

Selamat Hari Raya to all! 

Tengah mood malas so updates bentuk point form okeh. 

  • Raya kali ni macam pantas. Perhaps sebab husband is here so sume mende nak buat. So my raya end when he goes back to Turkmenistan this week. Sebab aku malas nak drive sensorang di kala jem untuk pergi beraya rumah orang. 
  • My youngest brother is now engaged. Gile pantas. I felt old, and maybe I am because I'd been thinking that this year I'll be 30, but my husband replied that he'll be 30 (or is? God. I am horrendous), then I am only in the sweet sweet age of 28.
  • That being said, I am really bad with birthdays. Don't take offense ok? Just because I don't remember your birthday does not mean I like you less, I am just horrible with dates. 
  • The Petknode issues had simmered a while but people are still outraged. I am like Chics where I mudah lembut hati and felt kesian to the owners of Petknode. I think they majorly fucked up. I think perhaps they did not mean to be cruel but they inadvertently left the cats to die. I think perhaps they had entrusted it to someone else but the someone fled. However it is still their fault. It is their business. They should not be too busy to at least look into their shop to see if their shop is ok and whatevs. They should take more responsibilities. It is terrible, they're majorly stupid and the one who suffered are the poor defenseless kitties. 
  • Now, I fetched the cats from the pet boarding on Sunday, and all of them looks pleased to see me. Especially Kurap. She is incredibly affectionate this past few days, and my husband is somewhat pissed that Kurap acted like he didn't exist in the house. I would be devastated if my cats are the one who suffered the same fate as the one in Petknode. 
  • I am back to work now, on Wednesday dan tengah liat lagi. However I can't afford to be liat because I have deadlines. So... taa for now. Main game kejab dan buat keje. 


FrH said...

sebut cerita psl petknode ni mmg terus aku teringat kt kau since kat sini laa aku baca psl pet boarding & whatsover related to cats. dan sungguh tak percaya kau mcm baik hati, kurang beremosi with the owner .. biar btol ..? but u've got the point. hurmmmm. walaupun aku bukan peminat kucing tp aku still emo with the owner, tp lebih emo dgn org buang bayi!!

teringat lg kat kau sbb hubs aku kene pegi tajikistan end of this week (jiran dgn turkmenistan kah ..?)

sam bukankah sudah 30 ..? hahhaha .. ok rite, u havent reach 29 .. yet .. bluekkk ;)

Dils said...

Macam baik hati pulak aku kan. Haha. Memula baca agak emo gak la, tapi aku ade baca yg tempat tu sbelom ni ok, then tetiba jadi camtuh, so ade la tuh something wrong somewhere. Tapi kalau kucing aku tu , mungkin aku dah serbu die org guna parang kut. Emosi.

Aku pon tataw Tajikistan kat mana. Menarik tu. Cepat google ape yg boleh dibeli di sana!

mommy nazeef said...

dils...selamat hari raye! jom bersuke rie makan2 mcm las year!

Dils said...

boleh. tapi aku buat pot luck je la. Haha. malas rasenye..

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