Thursday, September 29, 2011

This sucks

The thing that sucks with starting out new project is on how helpless you feel. Everything is new. Everything is unfamiliar. There's nothing to compare it with. Completely blind. I feel like a new starting out fresh graduate. 

I sometimes wonder how did I came to work in a technical line after trying to resist it so long. I wonder why I persist so long. It had been almost 4 years now. Wow. The longest I had been at a company and still no plan to move. I am getting way too comfy here. 

With this short brief thought, I will now head home. Tapi masih berlengah2, because KL is usually jam. I used to choose my workplace nicely. Like before my office move, getting to home from office is a breeze because the AKLEH is just metres away from my parking lot. Now, sometimes getting back to home is more stressful than the whole day at work. (either I hate driving or work is too easy?). 

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