Sunday, September 18, 2011

MPH Warehouse Sales...

Currently sitting at home watching Gilmore Girls. Bliss I say. It would be more blissful if my computer is not acting up again (which it only does that when my husband is away? What is up with that)  While other people got to go to open houses or twtup but I have nothing to do and just sitting here idling my time away. Anyway, yesterday spent some time at the MPH Warehouse Sale after I heard some excellent sales on graphic novels. But I suspected that all of the good ones ( like Watchmen and Fables ) had all been gobbled up. They are only all those superheroes crap left. Bah! So I didn't buy any of them. I guess I have to depends on my 10% off Borders discount card then for graphic novel purchases.

Instead, this are my loots 

This pic looks tilted to you? I sometimes have problem taking a straight pic. 

I counted around 16 books which equals to about RM113 altogether. I am somewhat excited to get the Tash Aw book that I had been eyeing for a while, but was around RM40 in Kino the last time I seen it. So at this sale it is purchased at RM15. Good enough price, something to sneeze about ( I think I may use that phrase wrongly). 

But I am especially excited when I saw 'Furious Love'. I almost missed it, but I decided to roam around the place one more time, (practically skipping the RM20 books, I mean RM20 books?  For a warehouse price? The galls! But of course it is better than the so called book fair that sometimes just shaved off 10% - 20% of the price. Which is like...  have no words for it. But when I came upon this type of book fair and saw the final price, I'll practically storm off the premise and fuming at the mouth. It is not a pretty sight ). 

Anyway back to the book, which I saw and I kinda squealed when my eyes fall upon the dust covered book. I had been looking for this! The last BBW sale didn't have it. Maybe the upcoming one got, but who cares. And of course I realized I have at hand the movie that practically spurns this book. The movie where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton ( I kept on referring Richard Burton as Burt Reynolds in my head) first fall in love even though both are married , I think. Of course the warehouse sale do not have this movie on sale, I bought the movie at Carrefour months before. Haven't watched it yet, so I am now conflicted on what to do first. Read the book first or watch the movie first? Or the other way around? Sigh... such dilemma. 

Oh btw, the book sale at the MPH warehouse sale is ok enough, you can't get the popular books below RM10, unless you dig hard enough. However I find a few gem at around RM 5 and RM 3 prices, so there's nothing to bitch about. Overall it is quite good. To find something to your taste and very cheap, you may need to prepare to dig deep, where good airy clothing and braced yourself for lot of dust, but it was worth it. All the not so cheap one are displayed prominently but those are good prices, like you can get the GoT books ( all 4, not the recent one), at RM88. A lot of Sophie Kinsella and Madeline Wickham at RM20, and so does a lot of popular authors. Older books or obscure authors, you need to dig though a whole lots of boxes. Which is why a lot of my books purchase are the one prices at RM 5 or RM 3. Hard to get disappointed if you're just paying just a couple of ringgit for it. 

I think I am a hoarder of books. 

p/s: Kurap almost got hit by a car just now because she was hell bent on chasing after that darned bunnies. At least the driver stopped and laughed when hearing my screams. He was probably thinking crazy cat lady. 


iceroll said...

Right. Betul2 belakang ofis aku. And I purposely didnt tell my wife about this because she will hoard the warehouse.

Dils said...

Wah wah... tak kasik can langsung kat bini. Ke korang save duit untuk big bad wolf punye sales?

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