Sunday, August 21, 2011

Random on Sunday

I have no idea why, but  feel like this Ramadhan was harder than before. Maybe because I gotten sick during Ramadhan? Or I am alone at home? 

I had finished watching Felicity. I felt quite sad towards the end, that I can no longer have my fix of Ben and Felicity adorableness. This only spurs me to see Dawson's Creek. If I can find the DVD. In the mean time, I'm watching Gilmore Girls and reliving how cute Alexis Bledel is and how youthful Jared Padalecki looks then. 

I can't wait for Raya, but more because I can't wait for holiday. I hope this week go fast. 

I am now quite addicted playing with the games on google plus. If you do play, add me! Especially Zombies Lane. I love that game but I need more people so I can chomp on their plants!

Manage to give a bath to all 3 kittehs. It does do me good as I was having a fever and a cold this weekend, so a little sweat always do you good in my opinion. However it resulted in me 'melepek' at 2pm. 

On Friday I am on MC. I parked my ass on the sofa and watch documentaries in my feverish state, while playing Zombie Lane. I quite like watching the Dog Whisperer. (a show where a dog trainer helps people to train their aggressive dogs). I wonder if he can handle cats. Especially when giving them a bath. Or giving them pills. 

I really want to drink my Diet Coke in the fridge. 

Selamat berbuka y'all.

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