Friday, August 05, 2011

Bloggity blog

Sometimes I wonder if I privatize my blog, I will have more to blog about? 

Or maybe I should just accept the fact that I am like many other was just following a fad? 

But I used to love blogging. I used to think what I want to write and store all this little nuggets of observation, insight, conversation to be put in here. Nowadays, I am just contented, to read, read and read. Read books, read tweets, read blogs, read gossip sites. 

When I open my blog nowadays I can only do book reviews. Maybe I should change this blog name to - Dils Reads Books and Spout it Here? Or start a new blog and jot things in here occasionally. But when I want to abandon the blog, I will find myself itching to blog. 

So blog blog blog. Maybe I'll set it to private. I think whenever I decided to close down the blog, it will be set to private. And perhaps then I'll write in abandon, without thoughts, grammar nazi and secret people stalking through here secretly. The thoughts seems to be liberating. 

In the mean time, I think, you'll only get book reviews. Maybe I do need to change the title? 

Btw, Selamat berpuasa to y'all. Been to param ( Haha! I am calling it PARAM to irk you) only once this week, and spend way too much and the thing sold in PARAM (*snort*) nowadays, is way expensive and you'll always regretted it after you had finished one plate of nasi during the buka puasa. I think I will only go there to buy my stock of susu segar. Do you know it? 

I took this pic from here.

It is the best milk ever. I especially like the corn flavoured and the strawberry one. Not too fond of the chocolate one, but that is one of the few chocolate milk I can down ( I hate chocolate milk, it always disappoint my expectations) . When I was small, I think it was sold 90 sen. And then RM1. Now it is RM1.70. Sigh. Mahal ok. Dah la kecik. 3 kali teguk dah habis. But if I saw this being sold, I can never resist buying a few. Few. Not one. 

Hey. Lookie there. I blog.


FrH said...

blog laa. i kinda miss you updating ur blog ;)

but if u happen to privatize your blog, jgn lupe add haku.

sedap ke susu tu? havent try yet .. i normally drink uht milk.

Anasfadilah said...

susu tu selalu aku minum masa sekolah rendah...skrg susah nak jumpak!corn sedap!

Dils said...

Frh :
Blog la tu , hehe. Arr. Susu tu best! Bebudak slalunye suke. Kasik test kat Hadzim.

Oh memang sedap and susah nak jumpa. Dekat sini, die jual kat pasar malam area Keramat, but then tetiba kat pasar ramadhan around my house tetiba ade. Sronok ok.

Kasapsky said...

blog je.... skrg nak follow pun susah. so follow ikut blog je, karang follow blakang org kate plak stalker. hehe. Just merepek pun xpe, at least we know ur updates( actually malas nak bukak fb). Susu segar tu mmg sedap layan pagi2, sini byk lg jual kat kedai2 makan, but mostly semua dah expired, kemek + bocor. So nak beli pun pikir 2-3 kali... last angkat je dutchlady sebab expired date dia panjang skit.. hehe slmt berpuasa

Anonymous said...

uih rare tuh nk jumpa susu segar!! Been... what? 10 years since I drink that last? wooo!

nanti nk carik gk lah!

Dils said...

Facebook mmg jarang bukak. Slalunye at blog or twitter je la.

Susu tu mmg takleh tahan lama, tapi sedap amat.

Kalau malas nak gi area sini bulan puasa, kalau Sabtu ko ade area keramat, ko pegi pasar malam tepi Jusco AU2 ni. Slalunye ade jual.

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