Monday, August 15, 2011

Cat Sanatorium

Last weekend 2 of my cats are sick. 

Kurap came home on Thursday all quiet. Soon she was puking around the house. I am immune to cat puke by this time, well almost. The one Fasha let out last week is enormous and disgusting but I manage to not retch next to it. However the one that Kurap let out is worrying because I can see blood in there. This is her on Friday night , where she had found a nook she want to be in. 

While Puteh came home that same evening limping. He was limping a while, but I didn't bring pay much attention because I am lousy, also it is also a bit on and off limp. 

By Friday, he can only walks with 3 legs. That it is him on the same Friday night where Kurap is asleep in her nook, he took position on the sofa and prop up his hurt leg to a position less painful to him. 

I now have 2 sick cats in hand and brought them to a vet on Saturday. I worry more for Kurap because all she wants to do is lie down. However on the way to the vet, she became incredibly active and mewed and clawed around her carrier. Of course when Kurap start up in the car, Puteh also mewed in unison. I swear they were synchronizing their mewing at one point when I was in the car. 

( Sometimes I called this guy who pet boarded my cats, and he do home delivery service. Every time I sent Kurap in his car, Kurap is incredibly loud in her protestation. However can he drive from Ampang to Cheras with that godawful persistent mewing? I had a headache from the 15 mins drive to the vet ). 

Kurap was worrying me a lot because she wouldn't eat any food at all. While I don't think Kurap is really fat, she's maybe a tad bit overweight and sudden loss of appetite to an overweight cat can be dangerous. So the whole weekend consisting me waving a considerable amount of food in front of her nose. It ranges from dry kibbles, wet food, boiled fish, cooked canned tuna, chicken, chicken soup. None she deign to even lick.  I haven't done so much cooking even for myself. 

All she ever do is just sniff it, then make some retching sound like a nauseous pregnant women might do if they smell tempoyak, and move away from the food. I spent the whole day yesterday, chasing her and forcing food down her throat. She does not like me at all yesterday. 

By nightfall, she was tired, I was tired, Puteh is neglected and Fasha pulak is now sick. (However Puteh get better right away after he got the medicine so I tak worry). 

This morning however Kurap woke me up looking cheery than I had seen her the last few days, so I accompanied her to her food and she will eat a small amount of it if I'll slowly rub her back while she's eating. At 5.30 am. At least it is sahur time. 

Now I have to monitor Fasha pulak and she better get better much quicker. Because I can't stand another round of waving food or chasing to force down food on a sick cat.

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