Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I rather face monsters than human

That's seems to be the feeling I felt in my dream. 

I kept on having recurring dreams where vampires are after me and taking hostage of my cats. Especially Kurap. 

Gambar sekadar hiasan

The other night  I dreamt of real people intending to do me harm, and it scared me witless. I found myself reluctant to sleep because in my dream the people came to me in my sleep and I was scared. Sleep of course came and I dreamt again of vampires and cats and all is right again in my world.  I rather much have vampires and zombies and aliens ( I dreamt of them quite often too) in my dreams than psychopath made of real flesh and blood. 

Perhaps the state of the world scares me. The other night I was haunted by the face of the father who lost his 2 kids. Last night news reported there was a hit and run in Kelantan where a vehicle hit 2 kids on a bicycle. Seeing those poor kids still bloodied and still clad n school clothes while being watched silently by their father at the side of the road, there is no word to express how horrible it is. The perpetrator are still not found. 

Aside from this sad business, the many cases of robberies, acid splashing, murders are making me feel quite disgusted with humanity. I really can't understand how these people live with themselves. What kind of things they'd been taught at when they were small that they could bring harm to others? Of course tale of murder is as old as time. But do they grieve for their wrong doing ?

When  I was small  my sister and mother, caught a young man stealing mangoes from the trees at our home. We never mind if the kids climb up and take a few mangoes but this guy actually brought a guni to put all these mangoes in. My sister ( who is a small fearsome little thing) berates him and asked him what he is doing, and all he said is "Mintak maaf kak, mintak maaf, saya orang miskin". 

Is that the excuses that they keep telling themselves? Time is hard so it is ok to steal, cheat, kill? 

So give me monsters anytime. In my dream I run and fight and face these monsters fearlessly. When I dreamt of human psychopath, all I do is cower.  

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