Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wanted to buy... Got it.

Dila had posted a post on her wishlist today. I wish you got BOTH of your wish. Hehe. And I initiallly wanted to post what I wanted to buy also... (wishlist jugak la tu). Sumpah, I had an idea to make this post in the morning and found later you posted the same thing.

I started out really wanting to buy.

1. Sundays At Tiffany by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet.

I read the synopsis at the back and was a bit flustered to read that it is about a girl imaginary friend turn into her true love. Why was I flustered? Because in my head I had thought  out the same exact story long before, and wish one day to write it down. Damn you, James Patterson, beating me to it. Hahaha. (Perasan nak bertanding dengan world renowned author). So I am itching to read it to know how the story would played out.

I went into Borders almost every week and just look at the book and thought to myself "Hmmmmm... when would I buy this book. I really want to buy this... but this month macam a little broke".

which I then bought yesterday! Yeay! I thought to myself, eff it. Just beli je la kan.

2. Samsung Corby Pro.
Initially I scorned the idea of an Iphone or Blackberry even. I have a mantra that I say to myself... Iphone is for yuppies.  (Saje je nak menyakitkan hati orang yang ade Iphone) but I never care much about Blackberry. I think it looked boring. Then bile Nuffnang bloggers started promoting Blackberry, I almost can't stand it. Bah!

I wanted to change phone and initially wanted the Samsung Corby. I think it looked ok and got a few cool apps that I can get onboard with and it got colors!

Tapi as luck would have it, bile I said that I don't like one thing, mesti that thing will present itself to me and I will like it. Got the gist of what I am saying? 

So Serr, in spite of what I said in my comment in your blog, I am now an owner of a Blackberry. I know, I know. Hypocritical of me. Tapiiiiii in my defense I would never bought a Blackberry, but instead it was presented to my husband a broken BB, which he fixed and presented it to me since he already have a Blackberry. Tada! There it is my solid excuse. Of course I am not the person to say no to free things. So I took it.  So now I am one of the many millions of Blackberry users around the world. Gile tak special. 

My blackberry looked exactly like this but instead of the big cat wallpaper pic it is a small cat sleeping on a bed with its tail curled up around her.

And psssttt... I am secretly psyched with my BB, because I can play Sims 3 and Bezombied in it. So I sold my soul to a blackberry because it have a cool zombies game in it. But in order to make my phone less yuppie-fy ( I made a word and it failed), I stick a sticker of Donkey at the back of my casing. Kasik nampak lame.

Eh.. my sticker looked exactly like this.

p/s: Hoh, bukan patutnye ini adalah entry pasal wishlist ke. Kenapa jadik 'got' list. Takpe. Kita 'to be continued' later .


Anasfadilah said...

boleh main sim3 on BB kah!? wahh..the sole reason why i need an iphone is,it can play where's wally..hahaha..nak cek nanti boleh tak iphone main sim3..lalalal

p/s:thank for the wish :D

Obefiend Weiland said...

my wish list



Dils said...

Try la cari. yeah. I think I am sold because of the games. Nak try cari worm games pulak la.

Yeah... I was wondering if you had started working since your posts is so short nowadays.

Take a vacation. Or accept, your life is a non-life.

FrH said...

dila aku pon ada solid reason for wearing a bb now.. my previous phone was hidup-segan-mat-takmauplak, and after then adik aku terjumpe tepi jalan bb (ya masih baru 2 3 bulan guna & owner dia cine) dan bg hadiah kt aku sbb kesian tengok hp aku cenggitew. haha! tp mula2 function bb ni rasa mcm susah gak la, skang tgh usaha utk explore :) as long its free aku suke jekkkkkk

Dils said...

Betul, memula tengok rase biasa je. Tapi bile dah explore, macam best jugak. And kalu dah freeeee amik aje. Hahaha.

Sila la add saye di BB messenger ye awek.

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