Saturday, May 08, 2010

Kembali ke DOS

Well, DOS game actually.

I think I mentioned before that I was in love with the old Theme Hospital game, and none other simulation game can compare to that delightful Theme Hospital game. I did swore to try to finish all the levels. Had not succeed yet. Got caught in life before I manage to finish all. However, the last time I played, I did manage to get to levels that I had not reached before. That's an accomplishment. ( But a totally geeky and non-accomplish accomplishment).

Right now, I got into my head to play another old game which is Holiday Island. 

So. Does this screenshot trigger any memory yet? It'd been a long while since I last played it, so I am starting out like when I had just played the game the first time. Badly.

But I remembered I was really addicted to this game and would not even go downstairs during the first day of Hari Raya, because I just couldn't tear myself away. Dah kena tenking dengan mak baru lar terkulat-kulat nak turun yek.

Ah well, don't think that I would be as addicted as last time. I think!

Later, nak gossiping session berfoya-foya with the girls.


shu said...

hari tu i caught my husband tgh main DOS games jgk. dia kata 'terjumpa' dalam cd2 lama dia.

Dils said...

Hehehe... kalo terjumpa game lama, mesti rase nak main. Game2 baru ni banyak complicated benar. Huhu.

Obefiend Weiland said...

i have a few dos games

tapi tak boleh run! CURSES! i love Pharaoh and Red Alert

older games are goldie

Dils said...

yups2. games nowadays are made for people that have ALL the time in the world.

I searched for the Holiday Island on google, found a blog that host the file on Megaupload. Senang sungguh.

I wondered if I can search for Harvest Moon next. itu baru betul Farmville!

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