Thursday, May 06, 2010

At Hj Sharin Low

First I need to load off these pics from our dinner last Sunday at Hj Sharin Low. Awesome place to go to because

1. Served pretty decent chinese seafood cuisine
2. Price is affordable and in par with the the quantity they thrown in
3. Very near to our house, since it is located at Bukit Antarabangsa.

Since my mom had just got back from Qatar that day, we decided to have a family dinner outing. This is the second time we had eaten there. The place was considerably not packed from the last time we went there. Probably because it was a long weekend for some, and many went out of KL.

We started the dinner with shark fin soup. The one we ordered is a medium portion and can serve to 6-7 people. Not bad la kan.

On the left is ayam marmite and right is tauhu goreng dengan ape tah. The ayam marmite is super delicious and would go there to try it again, the tauhu goreng my husband said is also delish. I can't comment much on that because I never really like tofu or any soy-based food.

Left is some sayur with oyster sauce, and at the top, atas ayam marmite itu adalah ketam masin, yang very ranggup. Tapi I don't find it to my preference. Not hot enough kut and the isi macam limited once you dah deep fried the ketam.

Udang nestum yang marvelous. Crunchy and salty enough to eat it again and again.

Ikan siakap stim. Nom,nom, nom. 

Not pictured was the fried rice because it came a bit later and was too busy eating to snap pics.

The price of the food ordered that night for 8 adults = RM290 including drinks. The udang and ketam pon ditapaw balik sebab most of us was too full to finish it.

I think the next time we came here, I would give a pass on the ketam though. We usually reserved and placed our order beforehand before coming in, since the place is usually packed.


Soraya Zainal said...

dimanekah tempat ini? address pls.. hehe

Dils said...

Hehehe... aku tak igt lor alamat2 ni. Macam mana nk gi situ aku taw. Tapi ni haa. Facebook group die, ade alamat sekali:

FrH said...

udang nestum itu .. nom nom nom.
ok jugak harga dia.. should give a trylah. nnt aku call kau la kalau nk ke sana!

Dils said...

boleh aje. Udang tu memang quite nice gak la.

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