Friday, May 14, 2010

Feeling crappy

But its Friday. I should be jubilant aight! 

Fuck it. So there. I swore. I felt slightly better. Never underestimate the power of swearing. So lets just let words flow.


I think I am giving up reading Inkheart trilogy for the moment. I ain't feeling it. I just do not emphathize nor like the characters. Maybe when I go to my vacation or had read a few books first then I can get into it again. Like when I went to Cambodia. I took a boring book that I'd found hard to finish. Because that is the only book I had, ( I also bought another frothy fun book as a backup book, but as usual, I would finish that book first in like 2 days ) I would be forced to read it. So there. Maybe in my next vacation eh. 

In the meantime since I am not feeling very up to it, I am reading Marian Keyes, series of 'shorts' "Under the Duvet". I love stuffs like that. Its a compilation of her columns and articles that she wrote for various newspapers or magazines over the year. I bought "Further Under the Duvet" (a sequel to the Under the Duvet) first at Penguin Warehouse Sale, then I bought the first book from a blogshop recently. And I think the next book I'll be reading after those 2 is the Lovely Bones. To balance out all those humour and good fun thingies. 

Plan for the weekend.

Nothing. I can't think of anything, but I am sure I will be busy nonetheless. Macam biasa. And shoot. I need to buy something for my violin. My violin is being crappy and is now in the possession of my music teacher so he can sand the bridge since he said it is too high( google Violin bridge if you wanna know what part it is. I can't be arsed to explain).. I hope after this my violin would not be so 'pitchy' because I did think the notes I played seems a bit high. He gave me another violin to practice upon and I am feeling guilty because I rarely ever do practice. Because...

1. I feel like I am a crappy wannabe violinist. See, I can't even admit to myself I am a violinist. I had not reach that stage yet. I will call myself that when I can hear myself play without wincing.

2. The music I played offend the cats and Fasha especially like to nip me on the feet when I start to play while Kurap will try to sit on my shoulder (even with all her fat arse), and mewed loudly asking me to stop. There was one time, Fasha was so offended she knocked down my music sheet and sat on the sheet, refusing to budge so I can't play. Now that just show you how smart and petty cat can be.

3. So I must be REALLY crappy or my cats just hate music. Yeah, I think the first choice is the one that make more sense.

4. Which defeats the point, (what point exactly?) which is in order to be good you need to practice daily. And time is the essence that I don't have. Also I maybe a tad bit lazy. And Farah might point this out. Yes, I am full of excuses!


FrH said...

hahaha dila kau ni mmg klakar okayhh!!

u think too much la babe. haha. just point out the main point jek laa hahaha.

btw, i never knew u are into music, ingatkan buku jek. pehh, respek sama kau!!

Dils said...

kalo aku point out main point je, pendek la belog post gitu. Hehehe.

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