Sunday, August 05, 2007

Hana Kimi Crazed

Warning: This post would only be truly understood for those who have a love for Jdo or manga or cute underage Japanese actors.

Serias is now sooo discovering the wonder of Jdo. Hehe. Come and join the love.

I am very very much in love with the series Hanazakari No Kimitachi e (Hana Kimi for short). Soooo funny. Okay.. granted Japanese actors are not that devilishly handsome save for Joe Odagiri and Fujiki Naohito. Ken Watanabe can also save me anytime. But there is something so freakishly kawaii with these pretty guys like Matsumoto Jun, Yamapi, Oguri Shun... (mostly came from Johnny entertainment..) that they can make me double up in laughter and thinks of flowers and butterflies everytime they came on the scene.

So anyhow.. I am always, always rooting for the sidekick or the secondary hero. Like when watching Hana Yori Dango. I know of course that Tsukasa would be with Tsukushi. But it is infuriating for me to know that she won't pick Rui. (Those who watched the series or read the Manga would of course totally understand.. Those who don't, there's a thing called wiki if you want to know more. Utilize it).

The same goes for Hana Kimi. I am so rooting for Nakatsu.. when I know (since I am reading the manga) that Mizuki only have eyes for Sano. Watching the series, I thought the guy who played Nakatsu, incredibly familiar. Looking back, he is the one who played Junpei in HYD2. At that time, I was incredulous when people are talking on how hot he is. Watching him in Hana Kimi, I totally keel over for his portrayal for Nakatsu. Since he is soooo funny. How can you not love a guy who pranced around in women's underwear proclaiming he is not homo and like women. Err.. no one?

Well.. hope it won't turn out to be a drag as the one in HYD2.

Speaking of manga too. I had just finished reading Basilisk. Gaaaahhhh! I like the movie more (Shinobi). Ehem.. spoiler ahead those who didn't read it. It could not possibly be true that after all those reading (okay.. ade 5 volume je... tapi penat jugak laa) and those fighting it turned out that alll those characters die.

Argh. I hate stories that try to have a Romeo & Juliet ending at the end. I don't care if its realistic or not. I like happily ever after. Damnit. Stories are suppose to make me happy. Or at least some characters living life as remorsefully as they possibly can. Yeah.. knowing others who are miserable lift me up.

Oh.. On the left side of the blog for the Jdo currently watching. Ermm.. I am still currently watching all of those. Yeps. I'm a slow Jdo series watcher. Lunch Queen... which had been taken out from my list, I still haven't finish watching it. It took me .... more than a year to watch those. Gahh.. Well.. the storylines dragged a little too. And the sight of hot piping food makes me ravenously hungry. That Lunch Queen had a lot of em in their episodes.

Sore wa Totsuzen are interesting enough. Since I loved Makiko Esumi and Yamapi. But SARS are taking their own sweet time in releasing the subs tho. Don't really mind. I can wait.

HYD2. I still haven't finish downloading nor watching it. I will download it and watch it simply to see on how they would played out the ending. Will it end the same as the manga.. (Now don't tell me.. I want to know myself).

Erai Tokoro ni Totsuide Shimatta
is fun. A more grownup-way fun in showing how a new wife adapt to her husband family and their old fashioned tradition. Of course I love Nakama Yukie. My fiance bought the DVD set for me so I had stopped downloading it . Guess I'll wait to finish the DVD when I got back to JB and have nothing to do.

The thing is... I simply.. don't have the time. Trying to juggle watching all those series, Jdos. movies, reading books, reading others blogs, playing games and of course works and other life demands.. So many things so little time. I am a person of many interest. People are amazed on how many series I downloaded. I still haven't finished Prison Break season 1, but I had downloaded the complete Season 2. Gah... maybe I am just addicted to downloading series. And I still wished I have the time and the energy to start watching How I Met Your Mother and Brothers & Sisters. But I have to draw the line somewhere eh..

Well.. I am off to immerse myself in reading Hana Kimi manga. While working. Hehe...


azrul procrastinates said...

hmm.. my girlfriend made me watch this, and being a straight guy, i actually still loved it! super funny!

*juz bloghoppin*

Dila said...

Heh.. it is. Tis is.

I practically have to shove my fiance in front of the screen to see this. (mungkin tak shove.. tapi adalah sgt byk persuasion telah digunakan)

He love this show too. And asked me daily if the new eps dh keluar ke belom .. ::huh::

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