Saturday, March 10, 2007

TV Laugh of the Past

*Enter really sad violin piece in the background* There you have it.. I am in a really mellow mood. Not sad. Not whatever.. At work now, so I put in the online radio station that played soundtrack. I loved soundtrack. Soundtrack provide vivid picture on the emotions they want to portrayed. So mellow piece, mellow mood.

Eh.. but introduction of the post, I had already digressed. You know, I'm missing Buffy. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The dialogue was funny. Deadpanned are frequent and often nailed right on. The characters are all so quirk-lovely. Dramas nowadays are getting serious. The lines are wittier yes. Brilliant even, I should say. But the storyline.. there's something missing in em. Not the overall storyline, the each per episode. The story in the episode. The moments they put in these episodes. I hailed Friends and Sex and the City as the series that have funny , quick moments. As of Buffy too (the episode on the tiny Fear Demon.. ain't it just hilarious) ... especially Buffy on the first, second, third and fourth season. Before the long enveloping season long arc (some the whole damn 9 seasons arc too) is becoming all too frequent in all series nowadays.

Moments. Thats what we watched for. The thing that make us laugh or go "Auuuuu" by the end of the scene after getting back from a hard day at work or after finishing gruelling exam or project. There is moment in the series which you can always remember. One of the thing I liked after watching or reading any really funny series or book, my sister and I would recount the little funny details.

In Friends, up to today if I recount the scene where Joey signed his name as "Baby Kangaroo Tribbiani", we would cracked up laughing. Or who can forget the heartbreaking look by Ross on the episode where they shows the forgotten video of Monica and Rachel waiting for their prom date. In my olden unievrsity days, I always loved to rewatch Friends in between waiting for class or before cracking the books.

Sex and the City famous, quick lines on their sexual anecdote also would stay in your mind. Funky spunk anyone? And how they look and digest their date and woohoo from every angle. Currently I am rewatching Sex and the City (I still haven't finished Buffy, as much as I heart the show.. I found Season 7 dead depressing ), I found that the series actually do not have any plot or storyline. What they depend on is moments and they make every scene work. I love the scene in the taxi, where they talked about up-the-butt decision. It showed the effortless interaction between all the cast beautifully.

Granted the storyline is ridiculous (even the per episode storyline at time), but I found that what I was waiting for is for these type of scenes. The dialogue that cracked me up. The banter between the 4 friends. This makes watching it again... almost re-refreshing.

All these 3 series, can be considered as chick flick TV feel good series. I don't really care. Since you see.. I am a big fan of chick flick. I don't really like watching 24, Lost. Really, would you rewatch those complicated series again? All the above, are great TV series for you to unwind, laughed and tossed that worrisome line at your face away. And these type are now is a dying breed too...


obefiend said...

you like buffy? well then u must try and look for firefly. written by joss wheadon. sadly they scrapped the series after 2 season. wheadon end up making a movie out of it to tie the loose end. SERENITY was the title.

wheadon have this knack of making funny characters even in the most awkward situation

now he'sinto comic.probably pissed off with the tv land.

Jannah said...

Buffy I love masa ada character Seth Green. They killed his character kan? And I love it masa Spike has this crush on Buffy. Masa tu Angel dah run off to LA and open his own show.

You gotta love the dumb blondeness of Buffy masa the early series. After a fight sempat jugak dia tanya "How's my hair?"

Friends. Joey. Love him so much. But if I have to choose between the three of them I'd marry Ross. Have this thing for tall smart guys. Know anyone that fits the bill?

Sex in the City tak tengok sangat sebab masa tayang kat HBO my parents a bit reluctant kasi tengok. Tengok pun curi-curi. I remembered an episode where they used a gay guy to practice you know what on. Hilarious sungguh.

Unta@Jitra said...

Watched Oprah the other day and it was a really2 touchy episode... Everybody Loves Raymond was ended (it was ended in 2005)

The reason being that they wanted to stop before the series went crap, before they are out of funny ideas and storyline.

I think most series shud follow ELR... dont let the series went bad to worse just simply they were running out of ideas.

Anonymous said...

although i watch almost all series, but i never really does watch it entirely. Just like Unta says, before the stories went crap.
But frankly speaking, i rather watch these series, than watching samarinda in TV3 or sembilu kasih....

Dila said...

Ah, yes. Serenity. Kinda interested since Joss Whedon is the one behind it. But since it something bordering like sci-fi and outer space which make me hesitate.

Heh. He is too in love with Buffy to let it go.. so he created the comic. He is a respected director
which don't get much loved from the critics. Too bad.

Yeay. Buffy is so lovable because of the blondness at first. Have you ever seen the movie? It was so bad it was delightful.

Ross kinda remind me of my brother. But I love Chandler, he is so funny.

Sex on the City is a fun watch. Should try it..

Hehe.. the term of a series or TV show gone bad after a long run is "Jump the shark".

1 TV show that should been killed. ER. It had been the most riveting tv show.. and after more than 10 years.. it had become almost a laughingstock. It simply could not die a dignified death now.

Series that had been thought as had "Jump the Shark" which is. Friends . It was surprisingly good and both viewers and critics loved it in its last season.


Anonymous also known as some:
Huh.. I rather watched samarinda than watched transformers :P . Wait. Not. I rather close the TV and read a book that watch those.

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