Friday, March 16, 2007

Not Ready to Make Proper Post

Hurmph. Work was say the least. Daylight saving had been implemented, as so servers are being the hundreds. Gahh. Then we have to take on new critical (translated as very fussy ) customer on hand. Count the lil mercy that our lead somehow thought that this would a bit too much for our nerves so they lessened the burden a bit.. (yet I still somehow manage to find the time to blog tonight.. hah).

Eh. I had not been reading the news lately. My sisters accused me of being out of touch with the world. Eh not. I know that Angelina Jolie should be able to take his newly adopted son from Vietnam as soon as next week. I am just out of touch with Malaysia news thats all. I sometimes found them dreary and a test to my patience on how idiotic some politicians can be. The hype regarding the SPM results are somewhat now died down. And the achievements of the over achievers trying to get 16As and 18As are now forgotten. Kewlness.. those are dead depressing.

Heard 1 minister is ranting on how female bloggers are spreading lies and most of them are unemployed. Huh? I bet the minister don't know what a blog is. Probably he only went to the Internet in search of porn. Wait... then probably he would be right in saying female bloggers are liar. Haha. But 'probably' is the key word here. As so no lies are spread due to his ignorance, only further "ngumpat-ngumpat" on the Internet blogosphere would be rampant for a few days.

Finally heard the complete song Not Ready to Make Nice by Dixie Chicks. Heard only parts and littles of the song before and I used to wonder why this song won the Grammy. Now I realized that the song probably is deserving of the award. "They say time heals everything,But I'm still waiting". Too true. I am still waiting and ... damnation to time I say. Find own way to heal.

I am so sleepyyyy.. Walk around office and make a cuppa of tea. Too bad that I work on night shifts and I can't drink coffee...

p/s: Short post. Too sleepy yet busy.


obefiend said... is a bit slow these days.the only other major "news" was mawi was supposedly shot when he was thats new for me.we probably need a new 911 to start making me buy newspaper. there are just not enough interesting news to read anyway

i pity the new generation when it comes to SPM. i mean the quest for A's reminds me of the time when i was in kindergarden.everyone trying to get as many star stamps from the cikgu.although the fact of the matter is you only need 7 to get a free cup cake from the teacher.trying to outdo the other poor sods.kinda juvenile. it also shows how super competative we are these days.the min requirement to get into uni i think is still like 6 or 7 subjects. so what's the point taking 19? on other news a father and son claim they got 24 A1.with each one scoring a perfect genius. i dunno what was their motivation behind this scam. craving for attention

i dont like the dixies.dont get country music either.the song are banal. the cd nak belik pun takde.all i know is the lead singer is dating the guy from HEROES.tu je la kot

have a good weekend dils!

Unta@Jitra said...

Natalie Maines... she's not dating Effi... she's married to that guy... Adrian Pasdar aka Nathan Petrelli in Heroes haha... they already have 2 children btw :)

Truly, that song deserved a Grammy... i thought i never liked country song... well, maybe except for Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow - Picture (a nice song really) but this Dixie's song is kinda catchy and how to say, quite pleasant to my ears

Dila, i've been following the local news... that minister is our Tourism Minister Tengku Adnan (Ku Nan), saying such rubbish statement in Sin Chew paper, later claimed that he only attack 1 indon blogger for criticizing Visit M'sia 2007...

This is what in blogosphere they call Foot in Mouth disease... calling women blogger unemployed and dont like national unity etc...

What a stupid words came out from a minister's mouth

And the SPM, well, out of 19 the girl score 14A1, 4A2 and 1 B3... that's amazing i can say... congrats to her

P/S: Register as a voter before March 31... exercise ur rights :)

Dila said...

News in Malaysia is slow. But I am thankful to that since it meant we have fewer disaster to report to. But some news are pretty insipid

I know that they are pretty terrer and all. But I think its a waste of time and energy. You can do more good by immersing in co-cu, sports, clubs, volunteer work. You should take more subjects if its worth it, getting scholarship, wanting to take on arts and science to have more options ... but for 'challenge' or breaking record. I think they wasted their time.

This song doesnt sound too countryish. I know even less about the dixie chicks since I also hate country song..

The ministry, actually does aim for that 1 female blogger. But the statement that he make he stated something like.. most bloggers are women and they are liar. That what put people off.

I seriously think 80% of our politician needs to be rounded up and put in a class, "Public Professional Speaking 101"

Jannah said...

News news news.

I got a new niece. Finally a girl!

Tu jek nak khabo.

p/s I got my news from conversations around me :p

Dila said...

Eh. Congrats. The pic in your blog right. Hihi..

Anonymous said...

All in due time.

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