Wednesday, March 07, 2007

That are nice and not so nice

Okay. I had just make my reservation for the hotel room in Singapore, for my big theatre trip next month. Oooohh.. Totally excited on this.

Anyway.. quick update.

Gone a lil shopping spree. I was wanting to purchase a big bag for work so I can put almost everything in know, some make-up, story book, organizer, le ombrelle, handphone, wallet, perfume, various cards and access cards.

First I was tempted to buy a fabulous big bag on Elle. Then thinking I would seret it sana sini and the color would then changed, so its much more sensible to just buy a cheap one ok. In the end, I bought a suede big green bag, a relatively cheap blue comfy leather shoes which sometimes turn my feet blue too (I decide to forego first the expensive comfy footwear until next time) and another collection to my L.M Montgomery book. Haha.

Decide to finally watch the Shark episodes I had been downloading. It was a particularly engaging episode with a serial killer involved. (I always have such a morbid fascination with serial killer..whutevs), then I was interrupted with by a phone call. By some girl name Siti who wanting to promote me with a privilege card. I said I was busy and asked her to call later. Then.. not another 10 minute gone by, I got another phone call by a guy who want to promote me another privilege / promo card which the conversation I was unable to cut short.

"Hi Cik Dila. Saya dari. would like to bla bla bla.."

I immediately said I am not interested and not free. He obviously am good at his job when...

"Skejab je Cik Dila.. mende ni untuk kebaikan Cik Dila.. bla bla bla"

I cut in and said.."Tapi saye kena bayar kan?"

He replied, "Tak kena bayar.. tak ade ape2 pon. Saya nak bagitaw pasal kad ni saje dan Cik Dila boleh dapat kad ni dan benefit die sekali"

I was nodding and sighing to myself. Obviously peace and left alone time seems unattainable at the moment . "Okay," I replied sullenly.. Better somehow to get this over with.

He then went on and on about the goodness of the card and said that I had been chosen since I am active credit card user (I suddenly thought does all credit card holder face this abuse?). I just replied non comittaly, waiting for a pause to say I am not interested. Ever. Which then he came to this point..

"Cik Dila ni guna kredit card dari bank mana.."


"Oh.. satu bank je ye.." (Actually I do have another one at HSBC but I never uses it and thinking off canceling it.. but that don't really matter eh..). "Bagus betul la Cik Dila ni. Setia orangnye. Untung sape dapat dia" He said smarmily and I got the sudden urge to beat up this man to a pulp.

" Saya nak Cik Dila ambil kad Cik Dila. Lepas tu beritahu saya expiry no. die,"

Hah. Tak kena charge konon. " Well, saya tak comfortable la bagi details kredit kad saya pada orang over the phone.."

"Saya paham Cik Dila. Tapi ini adalah untuk verification purposes (Yeah, right) untuk kami pastikan kami beri pada orang yang betul.."

Kalau nak bagi, bagi je la kan. Ever heard radio station asking credit card details or car number or radio registration when giving out prizes?

"Jangan risau. Company kami ade affilliation dengan bank bank di negara ini dan ini adalah cara kami untuk verify"

"Well.. I am not too sure about that. Saya pernah call Maybank dulu asking about this and die orang bagitahu that they don't give out credit card details to anyone and they encourage us to not give out any of our credit card details to anyone. ," Hah. Amik.

He was silent for a moment. Then changed topic to inform me yet again why they want to give me this card.

I am feeling pissed and I really want to get back to Shark.

"I'm sorry but I am really,really not interested. So to not waste your time and my time, you can just hang up the phone.."

"Saya ganggu Cik Dila ye."

"Ye" I replied shortly

"CIk Dila tadi tengah buat ape ye"

"Tengok TV," Haha. Gerenti rase terhina.. tapi ye lakan. That's accounted as busy also whut.

I pitied the guy somewhat, since I think he was dumbfounded to get this reply since he was silent for a while. I informed, " I worked at different hours and you are interrupting my time to watch my TV. So since I am not interested in whatever you are giving, free or not and doubtful that I will use it too.. this is clearly a waste of time."

The guy the changed his stratagem to be arse and a jerk instead of smarmy and yucky.." Cik Dila ni orang KL ye. Saye tak tahu la pulak orang KL ni cakap omputih. Orang KL memang camtuh ye.."

Big mistake.

" Am I hearing correctly. You are being sarcastic to ME??? YOU called me offering me some thing (which he replied saying he did not offers anything, but I am not interested in whatever he is saying especially after that remark he just spouted off..) and I tried to tell you I am not interested. Then you made a sarcastic comment to me (which he denied ..) YES. You did. I don't appreciate getting this call. And I certainly don't appreciate you being all sarcastic. So you better not call me again. Thank you."

I hang up. Damn I was pissed. On second thoughts since he grated on my nerves so much, I should had called the manager which would then get him into trouble and I would be so pleased. But whatever.. I don't want to waste my time on this. He certainly didn't call me again. And he better not.

Gah.. just writing this again make my blood boils.

So anyway.. today I manage to persuade my mom to buy "The Memory Keeper's Daughter." Hahaha.. Don't know if it's interesting or not. The review was rave and what I read of it seems interesting. Trying this book on, to see if it fits I guess. She wants to buy another book badly. Felt a bit guilty that I persuade her to buy a book which I want . Bah. Next time I will bought that book lor.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

funny thing, cause i got a call from a privilege card company a couple of days ago. platinum something. Two calls too. One a lady and the second, a guy.

They say that i was chosen by my bank to receive this card, and goes ahead asking for my personal details and the card expiry. That's when the alarm in my head goes off.

So i said, "send me the forms and leaflets via mail. I'll take a look at it and make my decision later".

They replied saying that, that is not how they work. So i said, "if that is so, then i'm not interested at all.. bye".

I thought i was special. Privileged. Chosen. Until i read your post. :(

obefiend said...

the things only people with REALcredit card have to go through.i'm glad i dont have one. and judjing by the story from you and taki i guess i will not be applying one ever.

sounds like a scam to me. asking ur CC number and all. social phishing they call it. very clever.but the question is how the freak did they get your number in the first place. i heard about big company buying and selling customers database in Europe. i guess they are doing it here too.

saw patricia cromwell on the sidebar. any good... what is doctor Scrapetta up to this days..

cleo weiland said...

That guy has such a nerve. What. A. Jerk.

Good thing you didn't fall for that lame ploy. Always good to be on guard. Guess Mommy's always right when she says "Don't talk to strangers" eh?

Btw I'm a huge fan of big bags. They're all the rage now. Try having more than just one bag for your stuff...that way you can keep them all in good condition when you rotate diff bags every few days. And match em to your outfits! Hehe~

Dila said...

Maybe both of us are chosen. Special. Only that I tend to be special and chosen very often..

Heh.. there is some upside on credit cards. Certainly comes in handy especially during broke day and you really need to pay for something.

But yeah.. it is a scam and its bordering on spam now by the frequency. I would love to know where they get my details too. I even berated Maybank (which they denied)

haha. Definitely a jerk. If he can be a jerk while doing his job, I can't imagine how much more a jerk he is in his natural habitat.

Big bag is very 'in'. I don't quite like big bag. haha.. but I bowed down to fashion due to practicality.

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