Friday, March 23, 2007

Tap the Sap

In response to a very limited readers of my blog. Ok. I'll blog. Hahaha.. terharu.. seh..terharu.

Today is kinda a bad day. The LRT gone haywire causing me to be late at work for almost 2 hours. Yes. I was that late. I am also almost tempted to vent my frustration by being more late and carrying my fat ass to McDonald. But I hate being unfashionably late (also I do not want to add more burden to my fat ass) so I ditched the idea. I reached the office completely wiped out. Felt like I am more ready to fling myself on the bed than doing work. But works have different idea though and it bringeth in our way lots and lots of tickets (that's mean work to us dudes).

So partner and I are breathing a little relief, she went out on her very much deservedly lunch break while I lulled in idleness.

I am currently seriously thinking of pursuing an even higher education. A Master. I used to say that I don't have much uses on Master unless you want to be a lecturer or the company you are working is sending you. Well.. I have my own reason now which I chose not to disclose to mere mortals for now. Some people knew the reason.. actually its not that mysterious at all.. it just I don't wish to explain it all now.. in here. This idea is still a youngling. It needed much progression and thoughts and planning and researched on. Maybe nothing might come out of it. If something did come out of it. Then I'll have a master. I can't be master of the universe, I might as well be master of something.

Eh.. I was wanting to do a tiny lil thoughts (review as you may call it) on Primeval and Pan's Labyrinth. I had a marathon wayang day earlier this week. Maybe I will do a lil post on it later on, but honestly my energy had been sapped this morning. *yawn*

The book currently I'm reading is pretty good. What book? The Memory Keeper's Daughter. You know.. the one I put on the right side of this blog. I cheated and read the ending first. Heh.. I know I know. Its bad. And it causes dire consequences to me too since I am not at all eager to finish the book now. Herm. It was spoiled to me by me. Geddit? Hihi.

Sigh. But the book is interesting enough .. and as I read the book, I found it engaging. I like a book that describe the time and fashion and its surrounding vividly. Not much fashion, more like the environment. The environment is as important as the character. Without it, we can't imagine what our character might be doing. This book smells of life. But I found the character a bit lacking. It is shown the main character, David Henry as a detached person who looks at everybody ; even his family, as if a glass is screening his view. When I am reading these characters, I felt I read of them; including David Henry, with a glass screening my view on them too. I felt detached, without sympathy, just far-away curiosity looking into these life.

But my view may change.. since I got a quarter of the book to go through.

Well. Yawning now.. I may blog later again soon.

Happy Weekends. Noris Wedding this Sunday. Kewlness. Another one of the gang getting hitched.


obefiend said...

masters of something. here here.i have to agree. for some of my buddies they decide to pursue their masters pasal too board with work. same old monotany and student life is "funner".

books.. god.. when i read this post i realised that i havent bought or read any new books since the year started. have been reading DDAY by stephen ambrose for neraly 3 months now... in total i think i finished it 7 times in that period. i'm in my military phase again. maybe i should buy some tom clancy stuff to satiate this craving!

Jannah said...


Go for glory!! You can do it!! Gambate!!

Finished reading Stardust so now I'm out of Gaimans. Will start on Stephen King's Cell. I filched the book from my older brother. Have to stop buying books coz I overspent my money on them last month. It's an addiction.

Do check out

Bet you won't get bored after this one. Fun as hell to a book ho like moi :)

Dila said...

Those are the one who can easily get scholarship. Huhu. Those who needs to pay many loans.. cant afford to do that..

Forage for second hand books! Save the trees!

Oh. I love Stephen King. Reading em.. makes my blood chills. And some are dead depressing.. that you don't dare to read it in fear you'll be moody for days..

Will take a look further on the .. Can't seem to gather whats it all about..

MyUtopia said...

I use to read Stephen King a lot. I am currently reading, Middlesex. It is pretty good so far. I picked Memory Keepers Daughter for my book club book for April.

Dila said...

Middlesex.. Sounds familiar. Will googled it later to see if I am really familiar with the book.

Have fun time reading the memory keepers daughter. An enjoyable read at night. Really.

Thanks for dropping by.

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