Thursday, May 25, 2006

Testing Testing

Testing tgk. Mengong laks rase.

Lalala. So now I changed. The theme. Yeay. Blergh. I really want to change before this. I guess cyan really was not into me. Nor does the girl terdampar at the top. This is pretty OK.

At least is not pink (Hear Hear Marq) . I meant I was thinking, pink can be the way to go. But then if I look at my pink colored blog everyday , I might just scratch my eyeballs out, so I opt not to use Pink colored blog as my theme.

And I really like 3 column blog. Ever since I used the last one. I kinda like can put anything I like beside my entries. My very own personal bookmark. I don't even have to worry if I changed computer. Gasp!

So I am b ack to my true origin which is kinda purplish. Whut do you guys called this color? Dark, dreary, depressing. But with a hint of flower to give a false presence of cheeriness. Yups. Perfect. Just like me.

Yawn~ Today is Supernatural . Eik.. Yeay. I don't really like Jared Padalecki. I still thought of him as Rory's loserish ex boyfriend. But Jensen Ackles (Dean) is HOT. He looks short beside tall lanky Jared, but he have the longest eyelashes. I have a thing with guys having long eyelashes (Note: The guy working at Apple stores at a mall make me almost dizzy to be swoon. No.. I am not going to tell you what or where the mall is.. since it will be a dead giveaway, and I liked to ogle him alone)


Dila said...

I'm so cuddly I like you.

Some said...

That apple store is no longer there....that guy is no longer working there...hahahahaha

obefiend said...

hey im back. guess what ? this new look is definately the best yet..


when i go to a mac store.. i swoon at the new EMAC... nice.. i'm a new member of the MAC movement!

Dila said...

Anyway.. no worries.. quest for the Apple guy. Any guy who used to work at Apple stores that have long eyelashes with gorgeous eyes? Feel free to contact me~~

Yeah. This color rocks.

Ah.. new EMAC? I guess that's the difference between us. I'll be more likely to buy something if the guy's selling.

kunci hilang said...

good. Much more user friendly, (at least to me).

noheartfilin said...

nice blogs.. hehe..

bleh jd sumber bacaan diwaktu lapang..


Dila said...

kunci hilang:
The last one not user friedly? Huhuhu. OK.

tq tq. Go ahead and read :P

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