Sunday, May 21, 2006

Grease Lightning

I got chills, they're multiplyin', and I'm losin' control. Cause the power you're supplyin', it's electrifyin' .

Sounds familiar? Well that is because that is the lyric from Grease, You're the One That I Want. Shoots. I had always love Grease. I remembered watching it when I was small and prancing around afterwards. I also stumbled on my aunts book on Grease which have the lyrics and all the pictures from the movie which I loved to pore over. John Travolta was the hottest in the movie.

When someone mentioned to me months ago that they'll be performing in KL, this is a DEFINITE NOT to be missed opportunity. My all time favorite movie, my all time favorite song, Summer Night (tell me more, tell me more..). A must see for self-professed Grease lover . So I bought the ticket that I can most afford so as to let myself really enjoy it. So got myself a seat that is not so shabby and can see the stage oh so clearly.

So just got back. It was marvellous. Spectacular. Lovely. I was laughing along. Entertaining. My head is filled with its songs, and the dance moves. Its electrifying! Great musical experience for a first timer like me.

The show started with the casts asking us viewers to get on the stage and have some Rock and Roll Time and dance your heart out. The one giving it all, got prizes! Then the show started immediately with Grease,Summer Nights among the few. I have to restraint myself from roaring out the words of Summer Nights too and jumping up and down cheering them on. Need. To. Be. Matured, Self-Possesed . Young Woman. and Watch Nonchalantly looking like I had been to musicals from diapers.

But by golly, the peps of "Danny" is like wow. He got great bod. Ehem. Of course, he gave great performance. And "Vince Fontaine" popping out now and then giving anecdotes and filling out the storyline is hugely entertaining. You also got to drool over admire all the tight fitting clothes the cast is wearing."Rizzo" have the longest legs. And she seems to be wearing those short tight tight most of the time. I think cast-wise, it would be the most fun to play her. She get to have all the fun part and all those great dance moves too. Can see with own eyes, real life swinging, legs all around the abs move, twirling, men picking up women effortlessly (I meant that literally of course).

The set is simple, but effective. The transition are quick and don't leave audience hanging. Of course they are expert, and have been doing this, since I did not exist in the world. (Misc Fact: The musical started at 1971). So this is kacang to them right? Yeps yeps. And it shows on the energy shown by the cast.

However I believe the main thing that people are coming to see this musical for is for the timeless catchy vibrant songs and its cool 50s dance moves and of course to relive Grease!

What can I say..... Grease Lightning!

p/s: Yeah. The pics, I took it from I did take some. But camera phone is so lousy and my damn cable have the habit of dissapearing. And for those asking for me to videotape it. Sori. No can do. I would probably be thrown out and fined. But I'll see if my friend managed it. But what the pics shown is as it is tonight.


iceroll said...

never watched grease before. so mmg best la ekk? worth ur rm90?

Dila said...

Memang best. I think u need to love the songs as much as I do. Huhu. But I think any one who went and do not know Grease would enjoy it it too.

Worth my rm250 actually. Rm90 mcm kena bawak teropong aje.

ska_ocean said...

wah, my fav muvi... tapi tgk kat tape jek la zaman sekolah dulu... Time tuh belia betul travolta tuh.. best nye ko dpt pegi tgk... mahal x pe asal hati puas...

p/s: JR dok lepak rumah aku. Join yok.

kunci hilang said...

whoaa, i think u luv dancing vy much, eh?

iceroll said...

yes she do. hahahaha

Dila said...

btul btul, asal hati pueh. Manyak hepi. Uiks? Ye ke.. bole jugak. Huhuhu, lamakah? Aku pon konpius ko duk mane? kasi alamat. and... aku ade lagiii ke fon no ko?

kunci_hilang :

Ignore what iceroll said. He only guessing.

But are we all not dancers?

*ignore* tadek kaitan

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