Monday, May 29, 2006

The One with the Snakes

I am suffering from a bad headache because of oversleeping. I do not slept much during the weekend due to lots of activities! So now I am sleeping and typing. Sleeping and typing. How do I do that?

Niece birthday, wedding, shopping since FCUK got a to die for sale. (Psstt... 50 and 60% off. Jeans that cost RM400 now cost RM140++)

Yesterday, due to sheer boredomness, and since watching Animal Hotel MASKargo is cracking me up so much (sheer boredom remembered) that it is becoming annoying, I turned to watch documentary on snakes. Eik,ugh. I hate snakes. Their cold scaly skin. Eiii... I remembered holding em and feeling the snake coiling and slithering on top of my palm and on my neck. Yuck yuck. But you got to admit they are beautiful. In a morbid disgusting kinda way.

I then remembered that, I have close (near death?) and frightening encounters with snake. Twice. It was the time when my family were living in Bentong. We lived in this bungalow beside the hill with jungle spruce and the wilds just beyond the road. It was the late 80s then.

When I was around six, I liked to make a mess downstairs (the living room). It was the holiday then . Played with my toys and running around. Ain't life simple then. Since my mum had just delivered by brother, she was staying upstairs in her room most of the time and I can make a pretty mess without being told off. However, by afternoon I was getting tired by all of the mess and decided to 'clean it up' a bit. My version of cleaning up then meant to throw all of my toys into a big basket.

So I then picked up my toys one by one and put it into the red basket. Around three quarter of my toys are now in the basket. Alas, I can see the floor and rugs again. Then I noticed something funny about the rug. There is something under the rug. To better describe it, its like a long big rope which make the rug bunches a bit. Now.. that should be a clue to most of you. However, that thought don't invade into my 6 year old brains. Thinking it must be one of toy, I pick up the rug. Lo and behold. A living breathing 1 metre plus long brown-black snake. It hisses and try to lunge at me poor self. But I was already running and soon with the snake at my heel and quickly went up screaming up the stairs thinking, snakes don't have legs, so surely it can't climb stairs.

Told my mom about the snake, but she was a bit skeptic. So I gingerly went downstairs again with my Mom , looking for that darn snake. I found it all curled up, sleeping under our side table. So it got itself a new home after a kid had upset its scrathcy kangaroo skins lair. My mom then called the Pet Control. Nahh. My father I think. Because about half an hour later 3 or 4 army guys came to our house. They chased the snakes around while exasperatingly told me to get lost since I was all excited wanting to watch the action. The end? Happy Ending. No life was harmed except the snake. The snake ended up at the bottom of our garbage can.

The second incident. I was around 7 then and have a cat name Combi. It is a cute striped brown cat which was adored by the whole family. So everytime I got home after eating my lunch, I would then search for my cat if he had not make his appearance.

One fine afternoon, after lunch I joyfully went at the back of the house calling my cat. My steps froze when realizing in front of me was a cobra. Its head with its hood spread was going round and round like . It is like something you saw of a Snake Charmer or performer played the music to the cobra and its head went round and round as if following the music. Only this is without music but I was hypnotized as if the snake itself was the charmer this time. Last time, I got away by running fast. This time I was horrofully fascinated by the snake. After what I felt like a lifetime, my cat, Combi came running to me and pounced on the cobra. Snapped out of my reverie, I went running back to the front. Looking back, I saw Combi happily playing with the snake;pawing it , circling the snake, while the snake was furiously hissing and lunging but missing Combi everytime.

My lil cat, the hero of the day later on just nonchalantly went back indoor in search of food. Later that day, I looked for the cobra again but it was gone. It was the last time I had snake problems at my home in Bentong again. But it is probably because we moved the end of that year.


iceroll said...

Gosh i hv experienced the same thing. But during that time, I was holding a cangkul, so I chopped the snake to death. hoho brutal

Some said...

i hate snakes...but love to watch documentary on snakes..

Dila said...

holdin a cangkul? recent experience membersihkan belakang umah?

all documentary looks fascinating. Except American Choppers. Someone do enlighten me WHY do anybody watch this?

Some said...

the same reason to watch greys anatomy would applicable to american chopper...

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