Sunday, October 09, 2005

My Couch Potato Favorite - Sky High

Yesh. Weird. Its Ramadhan now. Time flew so fast. Last time when it was Ramadhan I didn't know what sleep is since I will wait until sahur then go out with my friends to eat our fill. Now? Eating.. I am more concerned in sleeping. But nah.. this post won't be about Ramadhan.

Its about Sky High! Yeay. Finally watch the movie. I know its a silly harmless movie, but since I don't feel like watching any dramatic or heavy movie at the moment, I will opt for fun fun movie that make me laugh. And yeah... it does. Its an overall cheesy feel good movie. But not cheesy enough to be stale and distasteful. Cheesy that melt in your mouth and feel nice chewing on it.

Its about a bunch of kids who have superpower attended a school where.. well to hone their superpower skills. At first when I saw the trailer I was about to compare it to Volcano High, but since Volcano High is rather forgettable and can't remember or understand it, so I just gave up comparing em because its like comparing apples to oranges. Completely different. Volcano High more dark and a bit heavy, Sky High is specially made to appeal to little kids (like me, me!).

The storyline revolved around Will, whom attended this hi-school. His parents is one of the most popular, strongest and capable of all superheroes. So people looked up to them and expected the same potential for Will. However , he have zilch superpower without his parent realization (thats weird to me). So he had to be put in the class for sidekicks which in another word, the loser class in Sky High. And he's in there with a buncha of his sidekick friends who have pretty weird superpower too. The rest of it are pretty high schoolish thing - cool guys vs loser guys, gals like boys that like someone else, popular kids, who asking whom to the school prom, arch enemy throwing great balls of fire at you.

What I found hilarious is where the cut the class to sidekick and superheroes. I didn't realize sidekick need classes too. Their lesson is interesting too...

" If your hero is going to be attack by a zombie, what would you give him?
a) an arrow
b) a gun
c).. some other weapon.. (I forgot)

Another instance on a lesson on how to change your wardrobe quickly into your superheroes garb. Thats the the one that always bugged me. I know Superman have supersonic speed and all so he can change his wardrobe quickly, but Batman, Spiderman, ?? It must take tonne of time to put tight fitting clothes to fit in.

The actors and actresses and great too. You get a some familiar faces like Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston. Their costume is a bit weird. Like it had been made of rubber. It makes me think of my niece little princess Barbies that I played with. But Kurt Russell looks really old. Kelly Preston of course hot .. but still looked somewhat fortyish. Yet fortyish who is hot. That , is hot!

Anyway its like I said its a fun filled movie. I wouldn't mind watching it again !!

P/S: It would be fun huh to imagine what kinda superpower you wish you have? It would be so cool to shapeshift into any person, object or size. Imagine being slimmer and can fit into all kind of clothes!


nawaba said...

nanti pinjam chronicles of narnia! aku nak try carik 'the magician's nephew'. kite trade!

Dila said...

tak beli lagi.. waiting for my birthday.. either for someone to gave me the whole set.. or just opt to buy myself a birthday present! Hahaha

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