Saturday, October 22, 2005

G 7 Ch 9

Oh.. Just let me squeal like a little girl!

It just so delicious. Even though it is manga.. no moving thingies.. no flesh and blood. Does it make it any more lesser? No...

Sheessh.. the latest scanslated Gokusen 7 ch9.. is sooo what ar.... die hard fans wants it to be! Yups2. Love it when Shin so called confessed. But kinda like a shocker for it to be brought up so suddenly. But I kinda feel like I would be in for another surprise.

The Live Action is cool with Nakama Yukie, the anime had been licensed (ehem.. clear throat), but the manga is so nice and not so morally inclined whut. No hentai (or I wouldn't be reading it, you pervs), simple drawing, funny, joke not over the top.

My kind of things eh..

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