Saturday, October 29, 2005

101th Post

Is it?

That what it says for my blogger dashboard. It is my 101th post. It makes me think, had I gone far?

Not as far I like. My readers are somewhat the same. Yes you. But they are new readers too. New friends. Then also some new interesting read. So I guess it is far enough eh..

I mean it is interesting this blogging world. You get so many different type of peoples blogging. Some are like me... have no direction whatsoever. Some are just rant. Some are like stories books that you wish you can just read chapter by chapter and you wish that the next chapter are available whenever you like.

You get people hurling insult at each other. Some petty disagreement. Some had clans with each other. Its kinda like, blogging had almost replace IRC war. You know IRC? The thing where you need to join channel and chat about senseless stuffs or flirt with someone. Well, it kinda hard to flirt with someone at blogging world. You need to be pretty creative. There is no lame script for you to create flowerlike characters or something like /me (putownnickhere) give (putsomeoneyoulikenickhere) a bunch of flowers /MARS bar/diamond symbol thingies... Maybe you need to create something like a poem. But I can almost sure any hard hearted girl will think it is cheesy and corny. Maybe.. ::IDEA:: dedicate a post to her.. How soft her hair looks, how her eyes sparkled like the star, how you like to hear her laugh but of course that it is even dreadful'er' and even more corny. She might think you are a stalker and put in restraining order for you to not be anywhere near her 10 feet. Now IRC is much more simpler eh.

There's nothing in IRC any more for full grown kids. When I went into IRC, it is just full of hormonal school boys trying to flirt. Its either that or the #klsex frequenters that using some really disgusting nick that makes us wonder if they got what they're looking for when going into the IRC . In our time the ever lasting tiring popular opening mark was a/s/l plzzzz. Now it is as my friend Seri told me "Do you have fs?".

What hell is fs? Friendster. It seems Friendster had replaced a/s/l. Ohh.. The indignity of it. No more telling peoples 18/f/kl. Now we have Friendster to even make it easier to tell us what movies we like, what kinda thing interest us, and the most important thing 'ARE YOU SINGLE?'. I think this must had been the real purpose.

Remember when you are in IRC, its kinda difficult to ask a person if they are single. I mean, do you wanna ask. But what if the person think you are interested in them? When in fact you don't but well.. you do like them and it would be nice if they are single. But still, how can we know. Something in the line of that lar. Therefore what better solution than Friendster. You know how Friendster is like. Most you have one I believe. And as the truth universally known, if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend who have a little jealousy streak in them, and if you put 'Single'. The boldness of it!! But hell hath no fury like a women scorn (for men out there) and for the ladies, you can be sure you boyfriends would not feel very much incline to cater to your every nonsensical whim much less wining and dining at your favorite restaurant. Perhaps even seeking other 'Single' status friendster member.

Seri informed us that if you do not have fs its like you are the scum of the society, the low life, the one in school who always wear raggedy clothes and shoes with holes. Too far. But they would immediately lose interest. Probably the thing going on their mind, 'What? You do not have Friendster?, what kinda loser are you? Greenhorn at the Internet scene huh? ' Ahh.. how things changed. Even IRC!
So there it is we blog. We flamed each other much like forum. Have something like declaring war... no nuking or things like that la in IRC but some do hijack other blog and 'mess it up good'. ( I like that phrase - manga like English) . Some just flame the comment. And as in IRC we have this pesky bot or things like that advertising their channel, the same can be said for bloggy.

There it is.

Blog, the IRC of the full grown kids. Live up or join Friendster and advertise yourself.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

funny when you compare IRC and blogs. I was never good at IRC. I didn't became like those crowd favorites like iceroll, darn_sweet_thing and taymen, nope. It kinda mirrors my blogging experience. :D

Dila said...

Not so much crowd favorites .

But in IRC you're not the one who to 'bising2' in channel.

And you always change nick some more!

But it kinda reflect a bit. There are similarity here n there. After all what you talk about in IRC almost the same here too.

More words perhaps
I am hungry (totally unrelated)

nawaba said...

The way I see it, blogging is just an expression of thoughts, an exit for an active mind, and perhaps an outlet for creativity. Regardless of what people think, we write what we want.

IRC on the other hand, lacks that certain maturity flare. It lacks that certain subtlety that comes with age. One's intention cannot be any more transparent when one starts with 'hi m/f? a/s/l plzzz'

oh, and 18/f/kl? really dila?

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