Saturday, October 15, 2005

From the east side to the smell of the Javanese beans.

What is it? Sh! Sh!

Its all so quiet.. Shh.. Shh~~ Damn. I hate Bjork. Her song irritate the hell out of me.

Oh no. I am still in my obsession. Yeah.. I am now downloading mostly jdo! But not just any jdo. Looking for those that starred Nakama Yukie. Really like her a lot. Like her acting so far. She got spunk and beauty. Kinda like the Japanese version of Angelina Jolie (less oooozziinng of sex appeal, more on cuteness).

My friend at school remarked once that I seems to like and adore female actress and hum songs sang by female singers. Kinda like unconciously feministic in a lesbian sorta way.

Anyway, on Nakama Yukie. I like her in Gokusen and like her so much that I want to see more of her. I had seen Trick once. Not my cup of tea. I found it hard to understand, understandably so since it deals a lot of folklore and myth in Japan. So I seen a few, gave it altogether since I found myself trying to figure it out too much rather than enjoying it.

Had also bought myself a new J-Do. Being rather 'membazir' eh... well, its either that or a new suede green handbag. Since my bed post can no longer hold any of my rather increasing number of handbags, I choose to leave the handbag. I had set myself on a higher purpose. A red Elle bag that is really.. everything I almost dream of.

So yeah about the JDo. Guess what is it? Another Nakama Yukie. This time it is Face; about someone who fall for a guy with a split personality disorder (ain't we all..). Had not seen much Nakama Yukie acting in a more humanly realistic part, so it gonna be interesting. Am also trying to download G@me from eMule. The progress so far is snail-like. The application is appropriately named. I have difficulties finding the torrents. So hope this would be OK.

A note to myself. I had single handedly managed to down an espresso. Well.. I cheated a bit, I ordered espresso with coco. So I manage not to puke. I am not much of a coffee drinker, never am and never can be. Coffee make me feel light headed and silly and later on I will have headache, stomache and all kinda ache.

I used to bought the Red (Regular) 3 in 1 Nescafe when I was in UTP. My friends looked at me in bewilderment, that when I opened a packet, I will only used half of the packet, carefully folded half of the packet and tuck it with a paper clip, and stored it inside my drawers. The next day ; Voila!, I would just use the remaining packet to make another mug of coffee.

Is the taste watery? Yeah. But funnily enough, thats the way I like it. Pity the man who have to marry me and love coffee. His wife couldn't even make a 3-1 instant coffee to save her life. And thats what I like most for all of my drinks. My mom used to lament to me saying ...

"I think you must had take after your father's mother. She is always skimming on food. WE are not that poor you know!"

Now.. do not tell me I can't save!

I can't abide coffee much. One drink of it in the early morning can make me very very sick for the whole day (swaying dangerously and giddily talking to anybody). However, I love the smell of it. I like walking next to those cafe or coffee shops and smell their brewed coffee ( I do not say freshly , I doubt anything is in KL). Even though drinking coffee can't wake me up, the smell of it are refreshing. The taste of coffee make me wanna vomit. The smell of coffee make me feel crisp, awake, clears the mind... and one of my remedies if I feel like puking. You can find me ordering a coffee just for the smell of it and ordering something else to quench my thirst.

I am a bunch of contradictions.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

hmm.. drinking coffee makes you wanna puke, smelling coffee makes you feel fresh and is also a remedy for you when you feel pukish. that efficiently neutralizes the two together.

anyway.. how do you manage your bags? isnt it a fuss to have to empty your bag and rearrange your stuff when you're switching bags?

Dila said...

Yeah... but its not more so on rearranging... as to dumping everything into the new bag.

eL said...

i used to hate coffee... but then somehow, i started liking coffee with milk, then suddenly, i like coffee - thick and black... and yes, i love the smell too... yummy!!!

Dila said...

It makes you feel rich..

But I think I used to like kopi bujang as one that I usually drink at 'kampung'.

(Thats the only thing being served.. have to drink lor)

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