Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Such a simple topic. Its so general that we don't know where to start. Its a joy. Yes. It delight our ears and soul. Yes. It brings a message. Yes.

Yet such simple thing, we rarely drink in the glory and beauty of it. I always just love to put my bulky headphone on when I am feeling azure blue and let the music wash me away from all those unpleasant real life thingies. Like when I just heard "El Roxanne De Tango", the clear baritone voice of Ewan McGregor and the violin playing, I can feel it caress me and then engulfed me on gloom, downing it to further dark depths.

The masterpiece by Tchaikovsky Sleeping Beauty finale piece, it brings to mind of regality and splendor. I can almost see and felt the velvet and silk, the heavy brocade, the shining cold white marble on my feet. And a lingering sadness in spite of it. Seems like.. something that you know you can't have yet you held your head high.

And in YoYo Ma, suite 3, bww 1068, it brings to mind the clear blue sky, cool lemonade, soft sunlight on my cheek, soft pillows, comforts. The little things that make you happy.

Some things don't need to be said by words. Music is just another instance of it. I love classical as theres so much "scope of imagination" in it. The rise and fall of the piece enchanted me. Given me thousand of pictures that describe "scenes" of the music. String of words can be created easily. The notes of music? I wonder how peoples manage to do that. Capture the essence of the moods, giving it colour, light. Make it harmonious in combining both joys and despair in a piece.

To all those musical genius out there, I salute you.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

i like musics that beats in rythm with my emotions. it kinda amplifies what i'm feeling. When i'm heart broken, i listen to blink's all of this and it'll squeeze my heart till it felt numb. When i'm angry i turn on rage's sounds, and it'll fuel the flame burning... :D hehe

Dila said...

Isnt it? I guess it reflects our mood. But seriously, those who wants to put to sleep shud listen YoYoMa simply baroque. Its not boring... but its kinda sway you into a lullaby

And if u're in love, u will kept on hearing fast, upbeat songs..
Herm... its been awhile i been hearing that kinda songs

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