Saturday, June 18, 2005

Just a lil sweet something

I had just finish reading my all time favorite Anne books again. I can never grew tired of it. It is just so beautiful. People nowadays can't write about the same thing again. When I read about a particular beautiful description of the smell of flowers or the feels on walking around at the woods, I am sure only people living on those far away time can feel that. We can't enjoy any of that anymore. Walk in the woods? Most likely the only thing you will feel is that is somebody following me to 'abuse' me. Smelling flowers? We had to buy them for almost RM50 now to smell it.

Anyhow.... there's a little verse from Tennyson that is written at the book.

All precious things discovered late
To those that seek them issue forth,
For Love in sequel works with Fate,
And draws the veil from hidden worth.
And somehow it is true. We discovered things that we hold dear to us when things are too late, we discovered them after so much things had happened, or when we are much older and wiser.


penyambut eskalator said...

nice one dila...aptly said. coming in this sunday, whats on the menu for today?

Dila said...

Maggi mee only la

eL said...

a very sweet entry, dila... so, how are you nowadays? hope you are well... do take care...

Dila said...

tq and tq

U already knew =p~ so hope you are fine. Can only be at home for YM u know. Ofis only have MSN, YM is frown upon. =p~

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