Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Tomorrow's Gone

I am sad.. why? see the topic laa

Just got back from Tambun Water Park
Yes Yes.. I know.. I was suppose to do my FYP thingies about 10 years ago.. But hey.. I am a procrastinator. The waterpark.. was a blast. It is a bit costly for just 2 'ride' and 2 'dips' ( ask me if u want details.. I am a lazy ass blogger) but it was fun nonetheless. Not many cute guys there.. Shucks.. hehe One detected .. only I got a glance. So dont really count.. but who cares right.. I am gettin jiggy with my GALFRENS and that whats matters.. (before we all get married and get fat and too embarassed to get in the water). The hot water 'spa pond' was the highlight of the evening. It was really really good.. to my body.. As my IRC Name "Some Like It Hot" and I do like it HOT!!.. How i wish I could crack that jokes to someone that can get my kinda jokes that evening LOL. The waterpark was a beautiful place too.. with beautiful rock limestone hills.. I love beauty.. I love nature.. Go Figures~ But it was beautiful.. I felt a twinge of regret that I didnt get to tour the whole park. It was really quite nice.. nature combined with man made buildings waterpark . I was too busy dipping myself in the pool. It was fun all right. We bring the whole park down... with our screams, antics, laughters and crazy games. We were a drama queen all right that day. Oh..shine thou spotlight on thee.. thee get so little? hehe Anyway.. even with all that. There is a little gloom in my head. I can't seem to forget ..... This is bad .. bad.. bad..

And now.. I am waiting.. to say audieu.. only .. not there. And I am waiting like a fool I am. Thats what I am.

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