Thursday, December 23, 2004


Been less than a week I am a non student..
Kinda weird.. not freeing.. Needed to wait for the examination result..
Dial up Internet sucks.. I cant wait to let broadband into my life.
Life now is numbing.. It is as exactly as whut I imagined it would be
Constant boredom with temporary relief. My imagination who used to be such a good companion... now is killing me.. It just gave me pain now..
Thank God for the few friends who kept their words in contacting me.. I doesnt need to go out.. Just a simple.. joke.. hey ya.. wutcha doin.. but NOOOO.. so I am forced to resort to the unreasonable and the unthinkable.. talk to my baby niece on the telephone in front of her like I am some kind of idiot.. No wonder she giggles uncontrollably.. She probably think whut is that stupid idiot of an aunt doing talking to the phone by herself. Ah well.. my niece is kinda cute when she's not bawling her tonsils out.. so it is worth it being some kind of an idiot in front of her. At least she appreciate it. Ok.. I am officially pissed and down.. so I better stop..

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