Thursday, December 23, 2004

Freezing Cold

No.. I am not in any of the 4 seasons country..
I am at PDN (Pusat Darah Negara)It is really cold here. Probably to keep the blood from going bad.. No wonder doctors have to wear overcoats..
And no.. I did not get a part time job there too.. nor any job there..
I am supposedly to go to KLCC later on . Hence the reason yours truly am here, Since I cant drive. I also have no drivers to drive me there. so I followed my sister to her work. and here I am monopolizing the Internet there. The doctors here are strangely primitive when using the Internet here. They only played games while I am maximizing it use by surfing, playing games and.. well.. I would love to download Yahoo Messenger here.. but better not try to push my luck here..

So here I am reaching new limits of boredom.. by following peoples to their jobs.. So taqi.. probably I would followed you to your job too... May I? (*Blink.. *Blink)
Actually why I am so anxious to get to KLCC.. well.. yes to peoples who know me already.. I am a shopaholic.. not an incredibly hopeless one. Just someone who cant resist a great bargain.. And after battling the accessories-clothes-bags-shoes crazy pack of women yesterday, I would be crazy to not go back and claim my prize of a great bargain of MNG bag. Well.. for those clueless.... Yesterday MNG organized a-to-die for sales... Prices as low as rm19 (Yes.. I know u men out there thinking we are nutters) But MNG? rm19? Hell, I am not going to miss that!So we went in the fenced area.. Yes love, it is fenced.. and there must be close to a hundred gorgeous chicks.. and 1 cute chick (which is me) in an area no bigger than 2 UTP hostel bedroom.. where we battled for that bag/purse/blouse/scarves. We literally had our claws out to actually fought our way through to a bag. So in a few hours time.. I will be a proud owner of a MNG handbag.. after various pushes, shoves, clawing, pulling hairs out and scrathes to get that particular bag. The price? Weeeellllll.. not exactly the RM19 which I was telling about.. it is RM65. No.. do not roll your eyes at me.. IT IS AFTER ALL MY $$$$$

And I also need a new black bag to replace my sadly widely torn, flea bitten black bag. Ehem, not exactly flea bitten but it does look like it.Therefore.. I can't just possibly bring it to interview right..? I need a bag that screams I had grown up.. and look 22 in spite of my short stature and baby fat face. (Yes Yes.. Hear the pathethic shopaholic make excuses for herself)

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