Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kitties Talk

Terasa nak talk about the cats ( sebab tasks keje tak dapat lagi). Dulu selalu naw talk about em, but nowadays as my attention shift to the kids, I kenkadang terneglect jugak the cats. Ye la kan. Semua pandai, makan, berak, kencing sendiri. Sape kata jaga kucing susah? 

To be honest ever since Kurap died, I don't have my cat BFF anymore. Not that these 4 are not close to me or manja, but Kurap was different lah. Even up til now I still have a Kurap sized hole in my heart :(

Though these 4 have their moments la. 

Even the most unfriendly one like Pika2 who even til now does not want any human to touch her please, thank you very much. 

Eh.. what is your childhood trauma.

But she is the one cat in the house who loathe to be outside. And whenever I am cooking, it used to be Kurap waiting near just because. But nowadays Pika2 is waiting nearby like at the picture above. Not that I think Pika2 wanting to be near me because she loves me that darn much, but she was hoping for some scraps. 

I like her restraint though. She loves kitchen scraps. I will boil the bits of chicken or fish that we dont eat and she loves them. Brownie does too but he likes to be outside so he sometimes missed out. Wolly and Bobby urban modern cats they are turn up their nose on them. She will wait until I gave it to her on a bowl baru die makan. Kalau Brownie dah poked his head into the periuk. Or at the sink. Sebab tu I put him outside when I cooked. Huhu. 

She had learnt her lesson though from sitting at my feet. Many a time her tail had been stepped on, and sometimes I yell loudly like "ehh.. pergi sanaaa laaaa". 

Speaking of Brownie... Ini die si nakal. He had gotten so big and actually now is the biggest amongst all here. Padahal he is less than a year old. The kids love him and vice versa. Very good with kids and manja and except for his penchant of human food is the best cat a household can have la. Kalau la kena adopt out, I doubt I will face difficulties giving him away. Haha. 

Aziz kalau nampak Brownie he will like smile and said "Brownie!" and mula la nak angkat Brownie by the tengkuk. Banyak kali dah kena marah Aziz tu, sekarang ni die ingat lagi, tapi kalau die lupa he is not suppose to do that, die buat la. Which is why kids and cats together needed constant supervision. Most of the time I am not worry about the kids though sebab the cats ni, kena gomol ke, dijadikan bantal ke, piat telinga ke, die orang just calmly removed themselves from the kids grip without hurting them. Though adalah sekali Aziz menangis sebab Brownie gigit tangan Aziz while Aziz eating keropok. Huhu. So I told Aziz , Brownie suke makan keropok so lain kali nak makan keropok Brownie ade, kena bagi die sikit. The next time he ate keropok, my husband said he saw Aziz broke off some and gave to Brownie and both coexist peacefully. LOL. 

So yeah, easier to said to the kids what not to do around cats. The cats is cats. 

My tiny little Bobby ni tak banyak songeh la. Problem kencing kurang. Though I found that when I start working and he start to get locked up again in the house, it will start again. Sigh. Why lah Bobbyyy. 

I am a bit concerned of Bobby. I think he had been a bit moody these past months and less eating. Maybe because I don't have much time to give to him kut, but he does seems happy to be outside. Need to rethink if he can be outside. And if I can give him a combo of different food.

Other than that, he is the loveliest calm cat. The only one who come when calls. And loves Aziz too. 

Nampak Aziz je mesti nak baring dekat. I am glad my kids is ok with cats. Aziz sekarang ni sibuk nak tolong scoop taik kucing jugak. Ko tunggu laaa nanti mak kau letakkan as chore rumah bile dah besar nanti. Mesti taknak buat dah. 

Woolly Wolly is everyone favorite cat. Sebab manja. Menggantikan tempat Kurap dalam, suka miau piteously depan bedroom wanting to be let in. Suke lepak dalam bedroom. Ni gambar ni tengah amik while she is kneading my tummy. 

I love it when cats do that sebab rase macam kena massage with tiny hands. Hehe. Everyone likes her. Die tak malu masuk je rumah jiran. Naseb baik la ko comel, tak comel dah kena halau lama dah. She also is the only one who still likes to cakar the sofa. Our new sofa does not look new anymore due to the cats. My husband is NOT pleased. Huhu. We bought a new cat scratcher because of it. While most cats use the scratcher, she use it if she knew I was looking. Haha. Geram je laki aku dengan die ni. 

Ending the post with Wolly not looking too pleased being 'gomol' by Saif boy. Sape suh sibuk nak lepak atas katil kan.

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