Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Away from the little ones

Currently at Singapore on a business trip. It is work like mad mode though. No fun and no shopping pon. Don't have the mood for it actually because I had just been involved in a fender bender. So had to pay for the accident cost, well my husband is paying but I don't feel great if I can't pay some to him kut . 

Anyway the other colleagues are out with their friends and as I am the only token Malay Muslim , I don't feel much like cramping their style. I always feel macam I am imposing on their fun because most of the time they tried to look for bak kut teh or roast pork or beer and they can't exactly eat that because I am there. 

Not that I want to be out and about because being a nursing mom also meant the milk production never ends! Currently am pumping milk like mad to ease the engorgement. That is not fun. There were times it hurt to even raise my hands. At least I have brought along plenty of series to keep me entertain.

Saif masa malam my mom and my sister maid tolong to look after him. Siang antar nursery. My mom said first night tu was stressful for all. Poor baby. Aziz rilek je. Buat laku kejab I heard but that is probably because he is moody on Monday. 

So yeah, can;t wait to get back to KL. Though too bad I can't buy anything for my kids because mom spent most of her time at night pumping. 

Oklah. Kembali pumping sambil tengok Outlander!

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