Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another round of books I read where it is all about the men. *groans*


My rating: 2 of 5 stars


On a chilly February day, two old friends meet in the throng outside a London crematorium to pay their last respects to Molly Lane. Both Clive Linley and Vernon Halliday had been Molly's lovers in the days before they reached their current eminence: Clive is Britain's most successful modern composer, and Vernon is editor of the newspaper The Judge. Gorgeous, feisty Molly had other lovers, too, notably Julian Garmony, Foreign Secretary, a notorious right-winger tipped to be the next prime minister.

In the days that follow Molly's funeral, Clive and Vernon will make a pact with consequences that neither could have foreseen. Each will make a disastrous moral decision, their friendship will be tested to its limits, and Julian Garmony will be fighting for his political life. 

I love Atonement. I love the language, the doomed love affair.

In this book, maybe I can't identify with 2 middle age guys having a pissing match with each other. It feels like that.

It was interesting, and I can see why Molly Lane chose really no one because all the men here are inferior. They don't rise from the ashes, the don't have a redeeming quality. None of the characters do.

It maybe the story of that... of pointless narrative leading to a question of morality and the consequences from their action (somewhat vague).

Somehow it does feel like real life. However I like the narrative even though I can't identify with the characters. And if I don't find anything enjoyable about it, hence it was just an OK read.

Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The conned: an Oxford don, a revered society physician, a chic French art dealer, and a charming English lord. They have one thing in common. Overnight, each novice investor lost his life's fortune to one man. The con: Harvey Metcalfe!!

A brilliant, self-made guru of deceit. A very dangerous individual. And now, a hunted man. 

With nothing left to lose four strangers are about to come together-each expert in their own field. Their plan: find Harvey, shadow him, trap him, and penny-for-penny, destroy him

I didn't realize it was Jeffrey Archer first book. It was a simple, good, entertaining book. I love the shenanigans. I like how they get one over the conman.

I was troubled that the women have nothing to do but looks pretty, and one character even mentioned to his girlfriend that he prefers his girlfriend to not be fat and basically implied she should stop eating so much. I would have hit the guy with a frying pan!

Except for that it felt very movie-like. A good start, nice follow up situations with all 4 nicely coming in and the ending are tied up nicely like a package though I prefer to read more of how Harvey would react after his learn more of his son in law.

Honor Among Thieves

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Spring 1994, Washington, D.C. - While the Clinton Administration grapples with its domestic policies, a sinister plot is being masterminded six thousand miles away in Baghdad. By using $100 million as bait and spinning a deadly web of corruption, forgery, and terror, Saddam Hussein seeks to embarrass the U.S. with the ultimate revenge: to steal a treasured historical document and then destroy it before the world's media-on July 4, 1994.

As the countdown to Independence Day begins, two agents stand in the way of his nearly flawless plan: Scott Bradley, a rising star in the CIA who is desperate to prove his patriotism, and Hannah Kopec, the stunning Mossad operative who has already lost o much that she fears nothing and trusts no one. Their unrelenting quest to prevent what would undoubtedly be the most humiliating day in U.S. history takes them across four continents and climaxes in a dramatic, triple-twist ending.

Maybe because I am wary of anything that puts Mossad operative in a good light. Especially one who is hell bent on a revenge path. But even if the operative is of another nationality I would hate it.

Of course she would be a supermodel. Of course she would be oh so clever in so many things, but oh so gullible when it comes to the heart. It may was not meant that way, but I found the woman character portrayal here is insulting.

I hate Scott rosy outlook even when he is a spies. I despised it even more that everybody around him died ( the middle eastern as I may add ) but he still lives. It is just such a white thing to do!

I was so enraged about all this that I can't enjoy the book.This one is just so maddening.

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