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Day 6 & 7 of our trip in Tokyo

Berhabuk dah gamba2 ni. Details masa pergi sana pon dah blurry. Tapi sebelom lupa dan malas menerpa, baik teruskan. Alang2 system defect kat office tengah down ni. 

On day 6 I told my husband let's not hurry up. We took our time, woke up late and then head out to Asakusa area. Before that I had been looking up at the weather forecast for Tokyo daily, and that day 6 was the coldest, so we came prepared with extra layer of clothes. It also rained a bit, but did not require umbrella or raincoat. 

Our first stop is at the Sengakuji Temple. The temple of the 47 Ronin temple as also known. I watched the Keanu Reeves movie, while not historically accurate (AT ALL) haha, but it did gave me some interest to look further into the stories. Interesting lah.

The graves of the Ronin.

We walked around the temple and it was a small temple and I think some area are locked off kut, because  I couldn't find the well. Ah well. It was an interesting visit nonetheless.

Here they provided the information about the temple. There is a nice old man manning things here.

We the proceeded to Sensoji Temple which is one of the oldest temple in Tokyo.

It was raining a bit so I just walked around in places that have shades since I am pushing Ajis stroller . Husband walked around more freely which gave him opportunity to shoot pictures of Japanese girls in their kimonos. Terlupa pulak nak letak sini.

It was a very crowded place, but not unpleasant to be around. That's the thing about Japan. Even in crowded place you don't feel crowded. Then husband take charge of Ajis a while and I walked around the temple to people watch. Intriguing. I don't think so I can appropriately describe it. But watching the devotees prayed is really interesting. And watching other people watching other people pon interesting gak. 

We walked along the famous Nakamise Dori. Didnt buy anything here. Sorely tempted nak beli neko yang lambai2 tangan tu, tapi i dah ade satu kat rumah yang waving tail die. Banyak songeh, last2 malas. Sebab I couldnt find one that is attractive enough.

Bought a snack since I was a tad bit hungry, taste a bit like rice crackers but fuh masin.

There were also a row of shops adjacent to Nakamise Dori. And as this place is shaded I am more keen to go here. Some souvenir shops, some snack shops, drugstore. At the end of this street, we found a kebab place.

Stop for a moment to eat our lunch and push little Aziz for his lunch. He was really not into eating at this time, and it took forever for us to convince him the rice pudding is good. And it is good! The kebab was good but still salty.

M y kebab, husband rice with kebab and the rice pudding. It was ok though the kebab a bit too salty for my taste. Rice pudding tu sedap.

Eating a little bit of my kebab.
Then we saw the Skytree and it seems walkable , so we walk!

Stopping a while for a photo. Sejuk wehh time ni. Aziz then cried for his milk and we stopped just ahead of this bridge at a nearby bus station to make his milk and he drank his milk then tidur.

The Tokyo Skytree! We didn't go above, but just decided to walk around the mall under the Skytree instead.

It was not a large mall, but I did manage to buy a skirt! Then some cakes and biscuits and pastries sebab aku memang lemah bab pastries ni. Lemah!

We head back to the hotel to rest a bit, eat a nearby Turkish Restaurant. I can finally have my pide ( aku terbayang2 nak pide walaupon I kinda suspect it is kinda easy to make, tapi aku tak rase aku boleh match kegebuan roti pide tu) !

It was delish but kalau dengan daging mesti lagi sedap. Ni cheese and spinach I think.
I didn't take husband punye gambar food. I think he ordered the kebab, it was ok.

This was delish! Memang lagi sedap dari lunch punye rice pudding la. Damn it now I want a rice pudding.

 Afterwards we went out to Bic Camera to shop. Bic Camera tu opposite je hotel.  Husband bought me a GShock and these!

Placemat untuk main jigsaw puzzles. Hahaha.

Sementara we shopped, Aziz main this keyboard. Since he threw down a fuss whenever we yanked him away from there, we asked the salesperson kat mana nak beli keyboard ni, sekali sold out da. Sian Aziz, but we bought another almost similar one at Toys R Us here.

The main thing is to buy toys for the anak2 sedara since most are quite cheap.

Malam tu we packed since tomorrow we dah balik Malaysia. Itu juga bermakna, aku kena habiskan pastry aku beli tengahhari tu. I love the fruit tart.


Ini adalah sangat muak! I can only eat one and i bought 4! Pffttt. 

Our last day in Tokyo, we went to Imperial Palace East Garden. And 2 hours is not enough to walk in the park! Maybe 3 kut... we checked out then went to the garden and it was beautiful!

Spring and that means flower!

The Oriental garden was beautiful! Picture does not do it justice.

Remnants of an old castle, or part of a castle. I kinda forgot. Aziz tu tengah makan power bar. Lama betul die kunyah bar tu. Dari masuk park sampai keluar park tak habis2.

Sempat beli and makan aiskrim sebab favorite aiskrim aku in the whole world is wafer aiskrim. Dan ini did not disappoint!

Jalan di park sambil makan power bar.

Maseh lagi dengan power bar.
Then we went back to the hotel just in time for our airport bus to Narita. At Narita airport had the worst takoyaki ever, and went out to hunt for some various flavors KitKat and Royce chocolates!

Also this!

Amik gamba ni nak tunjuk kat korang! I encountered this in most public toilets in Tokyo, especially for mother and child going out alone,  we can do our business in the stall and at the same time our baby is safe in here ( while maybe kicking and screaming but it is pretty safe for a short while ). 

Haha.. aku suke sebab dulu kalau aku nak kencing masa bawak Aziz keluar sorang diri, selalu kena tahan sampai balik rumah. 

That is that! 

It was fun in Tokyo, though there are some places I wish I could go or have more time to, but this trip is ok jugak. We will never get our fill of a city unless we lived in it pon. Though I have to say, pergi sekali pon ok la. (Unless kalau free I tak tolak pergi lagi :D ). 

Selamat berpuasa to you all.


lisalisut07 said...

i love all picturess! hehe slmt bpuasa dils. kecik molek je orgnye u ni hehe

dils said...

Thanks Lisa! Selamat puasa to you too. Haha. tu sebab amik gamba yg paling photogenic sekalii..

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