Friday, February 14, 2014

Words. In paragraph.

Things are changing. A lot of people are resigning from the company and a lot of people are not feeling too good about it. I am also thinking am I cut out for a SAHM existence? But I don't feel it. I also don't feel the confident to go back to the other side . It is scary. I am getting way too comfortable in my life and work here and it is a relaxed atmosphere. But a lot of the 'orang kuat' in the team are leaving I am not sure how the work gonna be nanti. 

I think the cats are getting fungal infection. Ugh. Kena sapu cream. At least tak kena shove down pills down their throat

Feelings in general. 
Like all over the place

Weekend is a coming. 
Hallelujah! Wait. Can we say that. Am I going to hell for saying that? Will the soon to be formed syariah police dragged me away and shame me ??? 

TV series in general (mainly 2)
TVD - Not really feeling it that they turned Damon into such an asshole and not killing Katherine off. If Elena takes him back. I will have MORE FEELINGS. And not so pleasant one too. 

Hart of Dixie - No one watches this but me as far I know, but I love this show and to my surprise since they paired Zoey and Joel , I love them so much. I love it that we don't see how they get together, I like how the slowly brought Joel characteristics forwards that I swear if the writers want to break them up I will have UNPLEASANT FEELINGS. Deserving caps. 

Laki beli baju kat London dan I gemuk walaupon saiz adalah betul tapi it seems so tight. Ugh.  He also bought me a handbag. Yeay! And books. More zombies books. Reading about zombies is just as riveting as watching them. 

There is the fireball sale going on. It is tantalizing, but I have books that can last me a lifetime. Ok. Maybe 5 year tops. So many things to do this weekend though. However I did manage to win meself the BBW preview pass for whenever wherever it will be held end of this year. So yeay! 

Being better
There is a lot of posts going around about how we should all you know basically thinks positive of others, being nice in general. I whole heartedly agreed. Am already implementing this.

 Before this I don't get a lot of the moms blog, not being a mom meself. But then  I am, and was very engrossed reading a lot of the mom blogs and found it quite gems. Like I can totally variasikan my son youtube views to not just Upin and Ipin and Pocoyo, which he shown only a slight interest. He loves phonic songs and Mawa and Kawa so much since I heard that their kids love it too. Or how to prepare the simplest of meal to your kid and they love it. That don't work with mine but hey I gained a lot of knowledge. How to treat cough. How to be patient with your kids. And that what marvels me. 

I have to admit. I am not a patient person. ( I am getting confused between patience and patient so bear with me) . Sometimes I lash out at my kid, especially during those tired, no one to help me around days. It burdened me with guilts and the best way for me to fight back those impatience is reading all these accounts from the mother , on how their kids are like this or like that, that some laugh, some grit and bear. So those mothers push me to be better with my kid. Reading on how patiently they layan their kids make me feel, hey this is normal, no your son is not being a hooligan, he is being a normal boy. So yes, those mother tips on how they handle their kids help me. So yeay to mom blogs! 

People may say blogs are getting out style, but I always love blogs and reading em, and the love never quite go away. Only it is sad when good writers no longer write. 

Ok. Lunchtime. And yes, heard another news that another people is resigning. *submit resumes to the winds in panic*

Sebagai penutup, here is a pic of the kid and my cats, and I think it is the cutest because it is hard enough to snap 3 cats altogeter, this is a surprise.

The loves of my life

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