Monday, February 10, 2014

Tefal Actifry - The undomestic goddess review

Hari tu kekonon kan nak review. Domestic goddess sangat. Tapi alang2 ade free time ni sat, best jugak cerita my new favorite things in the kitchen ni. 

Husband told that Tefal murah kat Turkmenistan and he bought me this sebab die tahu I detest frying things dan juga loser-ish untuk mengagak aku dah masak betul ke tak. Also I jugak ade perasaan yang amat bersalah bile tuang separuh botol minyak masak dalam kuali. Macam eiii.. berminyaknye.. eiii pembazirannye. 

Model actifry sebagai comparison size

Ni masa memula dapat ni, rambut Aziz pon banyak lagi. Fresh from the box. Besar dan berat actifry ni but this is the smaller size tak silap. Ade lagi besar. Takpela. Ni lagi memadai. 

Sebab bukannye complicated device so ni short review je. 

Operation: Put the pedal and pan in the actifry. Put in a teaspoon of oil around the pan or you can opt out of oil. Plug in.  Put in a timer or not how many minutes you want to fry stuffs. Tekan On. Let it do it things. The timer will beep bile it had finished counting down, however it will still be cooking. The timer is more of an indicator. So you need to tekan off and walla hot piping chicken, fries, drummets, things that can be fried. 

Taste: Honestly, for chicken, I don't feel the difference between frying with deep oil or using Actifry. You can opt to put in some oil, sometimes I put in a spoonful of bbq sauce for that bbq feeling. But without oil or sauce, it taste just great too. Fries tasted great. So does meat too.

Ayam yang digoreng. Nampak minyak tuu.. that is all the chicken fat, at this time I put in bbq sauce one spoonful so that is why it is brownish.

Cooked for 20 minutes with not much thawing time and it is cooked through. I hate it when I don't have enough time to thaw stuffs sebab aku ni pelupa. So this why actifry ni great for me.

Meshing traditional with modern gadget does not go well this time.
And I also fried karipap in this. haha. Karipap does not taste great with actifry. Tapi sebab aku ade banyak frozen karipap and no time to goreng and basuh kuali berminyak I try to Actifry it. It tasted ok la but a bit bland. I think kalau I goreng kuih kasturi sini will turn out better than karipap.

Listing the pro and cons below:

Pro: No thawing needed. Will cook things through. Great for chicken/fries/meat even better if added a little bit of oil or sauce. No need to supervise cooking. No oil spill! Easy to clean. Obviously more healthy than deep fried one. Save minyak. Cepat and easy especially for the time lepas balik kerja and you only have time to cook 1 lauk je.

Cons: A bit smallish so can only fried meat or chicken that had been cut to parts. Would be better if the timer will also off the actifry. Bulky. The pedal will have grits and fat sticking to it and since there is a gap underneath the paddle is a major pain to clean.

The pedal sticking situation I got it under control as I balut the pedal with aluminium foil especially when frying chicken. Kalau fry fries no need. And not all things need to use pedal pon since it main use is to terbalikkan2 the stuffs so it is evenly cooked. If do not want to use the pedal, then every 7 to 10 minutes terbalikkan sendiri je.

For energy used. Honestly I couldnt really say but from what I can see sebab aku yang bayar bil lektrik pon berbulan, tadekla increase pon. I used it pon dalam once or twice a week. Maybe if everyday nampak kut beza, but probably not much.

Verdict: Love .

Ok. Itu saje product review. Saya tidak dibayar mahupon disponsor, saje nak review sebab yeayyyy... suke tak payah goreng ayam. I hate goreng ayam.


Chicsinred said...

Nampak best sebab tak pakai banyak minyak tapi bab susah nak basuh tu macam err..malasnya!!!

dils said...

haha. actually pedal tu je susah basuh. Tapi if letak alumium foil around the paddle before start frying then ok je.

ryxma said...

macam best jer...i bought one but still xsampai lagi ke tangan. nnt dah dapat nak gune!!wihiii... ce ko google youtube. byk seh masakan bley gune...not just for fry only hokey! ;0)

dils said...

Ha ah.. nampak gak. Tapi macam banyak steps so malas sangat. Ade experience pon goreng steaks je. Nanti usha lagi.

Ain said...

Tgh cari point nk beli tp aku nmpk penjimatan minyak lg berbaloi dan menyihatkan. Takat basuh tu,semua mende pun kne basuh. Haha. Thanks for review dils. It really helps ;)

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