Thursday, February 27, 2014

Things happening

We went to Kuantan on Sunday. Very last minute due to my husband's cousin was involved in a major accident and was coma for a day. He is recovering know and Insya Allah will recover fully to our knowledge so far. 

So we dashed to Kuantan in the morning and reached there afternoon. Aziz would not sleep the whole way there.. which is tiring to me who can't sleep the night before. Cause that means I have to entertain him the whole way. Nearing Kuantan he had throw a huge tantrum from being stuck in a car seat for hours. So just in time la we sampai. Fuh. I am quite strict about him being in a baby, but not really anal about it. Sebab he doesn't stay still dan pernah jatuh terhantuk kepala at the armrest , dan benjol. So memang most of the time he stay in the carseat. 

We went to the hospital. Since the ICU unit don't let children come in I stay behind to follow Aziz wandering around the hospital. Afterwards pergi singgah kejab to Iz Yahya punye store untuk finally meet up with my online friend and her furkids dan shopping sekali la kat pet store die. 

Sempat jumpa Muez the blind cat who is VERY active and sweet and manja. Dan die duk main dengan Aziz for a long time sampai Aziz dah start main ganas and I have to take the toy away from him. Die duk membedal Muez, sian Muez cuak.

Aku rase ni Mandy, bulat macam pregnant, tapi dah neutered. Garang gileeer. Biler angkat die sana sini die duk berbunyi emo jee.

Muez tengah rest kejab while Aziz play with the cat punye toy. I am really impressed with Iz punye pet store. It is so nice and clean and friendly and so much variety! Pet stores aku pergi kat KL pon tak banyak variety macam Iz punye store. Kite orang sempat rembat satu litterbox lagi yang macam dalam cage in the picture above tu.

Dan menunjukkan kite orang ni cat crazy people, terlupa nak ambik gambar with each other! Hahaha. Amik gamba kucing je lebih. Ptuih.

We went back to the hospital but I stay behind with Aziz and later we just hang around with his extended family for a while. Then decided to pergi to Teluk Cempedak pulak. The last time I went there is more than 10 years ago, so things have definitely changed! Very commercialized, not sure I like it, but that is the way it goes I guess.

We kenalkan Aziz to the beach! He doesn't mind the sand.. but he doesn't like ombak thank you very much. Ombak jahat. Bile the water comes near die run to me and hug my legs . Taknak go in the water. Padahal kat dalam swimming pool macam pro sangat nak berjalan sendiri dalam air tanak orang pegang. That is him running away from the waves.

Mostly he just really enjoyed the kite flying. Duk cakap and tunjuk 'ayang-ayang' ulang kali. At one point one of the kite jatuh near him, die run to it and ambik and begin to shake it. Naseb baik tak koyak layang2 orang. Nanti la kite orang bawak lagi pergi taman layang-layang ok.

 Lepas tu makan at one of the gerai, nothing to shout about, but it does serve it purpose and went back home. Masuk kereta, he minum susu and terus tidur kepenatan. Fuh.

That's that.

By the way we are still renovating the kitchen and it is nearing completion so excited for it to be over! The house is so dusty and I am having one of my asthma 'episodes'.. no fun I tell you. Feeling lethargic the whole week and was even on MC on Tuesday. 

And the cats are still at boarding. Poor kittehs. We put them up there at first sebab takut die orang ingested cement. We had heard ade cat mati makan or lick some of the cement around them, and it hardened inside and the cat can't poop and died. Horror. I rather pay more for them to be safe and be contained somewhere else. Lagi pon Gollywolly is allergic to dust. wahahaha. Over sangat kucing aku. 

Then the belakang pon still penuh dengan workmen punye barang, which is where the cat usually stays so we extended their stays there. If I have time , I pop over to the petshop and pet them and buy them wet food la. Kesian the cats. They are so loud when they see me. Orang kedai pon cakap, Kurap tu tadek bunyi pon die dengar, I masuk kedai je, terus die berbunyi. Sian Kurap. Die kan anak mak. So she must take it the hardest. 

The cats at boarding. Bertahan lagi for a few days ok, by next week you all will be at home.

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