Monday, January 06, 2014

Spring cleaning my bags

My husband heaved a big relief. My bags which I placed behind the doors is getting too numerous  that we can hardly open the door halfway. Hehe. 

Thrown most of the broken or battered up looking away or the one I don't use anymore. 

Simpan the other one, in various dustbags and bags organizer. I also found a total of RM120 tucked away in various bags and many many coins.  hoh. Husband rolled his eyes at that one. Macam jumpa harta karun pon. 

So the one that is still nice but I don't wear anymore because it is too small for my everyday and not so everyday needs are these: 

See.. all clutch or in near clutch size. Those leather looking ones are MNGs. Gave them to my sister maid if they want it and if they do not want it they can chuck away.

Yang lain2 tu clutch which I don't wear and I have no idea why I bought em. So stored them away to storage I guess.

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