Monday, January 13, 2014

Smells like no other.

My house smells. Like really smells. I was baking on a Friday night and kept on getting distracted by the smell. Because I am a scaredy cat, I asked husband to look into all the drawers in the kitchen sebab I taknak kena assailed with the sight. No luck. We looked at the roof ( from upstairs bedroom and he said a cat poop on the roof) Durjana betul kucing tu. Tadek tempat lain kut. Memula I macam ok... maybe a poop smell. But then besok pagi tu bau tu naik sampai tingkat atas and told husband ini adalahh BAU BANGKAI. Only bau bangkai je bole merebak satu rumah macam ni.

Husband found the source then. Die nampak dari drain yang kite orang turunkan hos washing machine tu, ade lalat banyak kat area situ. Our house at the back ni we renovated so it covered the whole back area. So the washing machine is inside, however the drain where we salurkan air will go to longkang. The longkang overlooks the back area which housed few strays. One of the cat had crawled in and either sick or trapped and couldnt get himself out. I say sick because if the cat mewed we would surely heard it and try our damnedest to get it out. Not\w it is dead and rotting underneath the tiles and cement, in the drain.

 I can barely go towards the back without gagging. Kucing-kucing pon where the back is their home kept on throwing up hari Sabtu tu. So all the cats slept inside the house sekarang. Currently husband on EL so he can oversee the work being done at the back of the house. We need to pecahkan the floor tepi washing maching to get to the drain and get the carcass out. Poor kitteh. Lepas ni we will put a netting on the lobang longkang tu so tadek lagi makhluk terperangkap masuk dalam.

BTW, I successfully baked decent cookies, some are too keras sebab faulty oven dan jugak crying baby, tapi mana yg terover baked tu still sodap padaku. Love the recipe though I need to halve the sugar. Mat salleh punye resepi ni memang manis sakan kan. I got it from here: . The one I baked above is Chewy Brown Sugar M&Ms cookies. I got loads of Smarties in my fridge dan aku tak suke Smarties itu sebab I make cookies so tadekle pembaziran. Bile masukkan dalam dough macam banyak, bile baked macam tak banyak la Smarties tu. Lain kali I will add MOAR!
Nanti aku nak try key lime cupakes die. I LOVE key lime cakes and jumpa resepi ni is making me squee. Habisla pertambahan lemaks.

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