Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I always looked at some lifehack. If there is something I can use there to speedy up everyday things. One of those is that they used some sorts of stand to put your ipad on while you cook. While I don't think I can bear to put my tab directly atas when I am cooking sambal belacan.... I think for me lagi appropriate I put it somewhere near the sink whenever I have to wash a boatload worth of dishes. At the top I got one of those hanging thing and those are good enough for my tab to go into. I can watch my series while doing dishes!

Semalam our team at work have a team dinner at Majestic Hotel. Free buffet.. well.. I meant sponsored by company buffet! I really like it. The yakitori is really delicious. Some of the dishes as with many have their hits and misses.. but the Japanese selection is quite ok and really awesome. There are the usual sashimis and sushis and yakitoris and tempura, (only manage to get terung tempura je. people are really piranhas) but also ade udon and miso soup which I don't see lot in other buffets. 

The pizza and pasta we can order so it will be served fresh and hot, which everyone love. The Malay food is quite nice, for some.. udang die they said sedap.. I love the kerabu sebab they are not afraid to put cili padi in it. Too many time hotel food is kinda bland to cater to the mat salleh taste, but the Asian dishes are as spicy as what it should be. Not too spicy but it have enough kick la. It got a cheese platter to my delight, but not a lot of cheese. However I had now found a new way for me to enjoy cheese. Not sure if it is cheese snob approved. Cracker, cheese and dried fruit on top. Stupendously good when you chew on them! 

The service I like! Heard that in Saturday it won't be as good due to crowd tapi they are very fast as soon as we finished our food, they will whisk them away. The best is when I asked them to grill the yakitori and they informed me it will be ready in 10 mins. Before I manage to get the yakitori, they delivered it to my table. And I was sitting really far away from the station to. Excellent service taw. Harga pon is quite ok, compare to some. Tak sampai RM100 per person I think. 

Those are the desserts. Some are ok, some are I guess not so ok. The eclairs kinda cold. I hate cold eclairs. The chocolate in the mug thing is delish though.

Won the BBW preview pass. Will be going on the 5th. I still got loads of books unread so I will just mainly go to the children section and travel section then tengok2 if this time they got more for young adults... Children books in BBW sales goes fast I tell you. All good books will be snapped up quickly. 

Last week we went to Bentong for the cendol and ABC and the homemade local ice cream. Over jauh sangat. I did not enjoy the food so much because I forgot I get carsick. LOL. I rarely get carsick sejak dah jadi adult ni tapi it can happen if the roads are winding enough and if I am not sitting quietly. Sitting quietly with Little Ajis memang no longer an option sebab kena entertain budak kecik yang kena strap kat carseat. So I got to Bentong looking a little green in the face. Pbthh sangat.  So we had our ABC and cendol and the nasi lemak there, and an extra ice cream afterwards which Aziz walloped down.So I recovered enough untuk ajak husband to go to Chamang. Untuk ngusha je. We didn't bring extra baju and husband do not want him to play in the river just yet. 

Tak mahu share ice cream dengan mommy.

Asked him to pose dekat jambatan gantung there. I was petrified. He was ecstatic. Posing cool tak boleh kalah. 


lisalisut said...

1. serius u gantung ipad smbil bsh pinggan??? omg.hahahah
2. wow delicious food. yg penting free. jelessssssssss
3. mak oi jauhnya smpi bentong nk makan abc cendol segala. sdp gila ek? mind to share kt mana exactly? hehe

lisalisut said...

oh btw, how to get the free pass?? alaaa nakkkkkkk. thn lps dpt sisa2 je buku2 kids. uhuhuhuhu

dils said...

Ha ah. Gantung bile ade banyak la mende nak kena basuh. Hehe. Banyak ni series2 best nak tengok tapi tak sempat kenkadang. so ni amik la peluang sikit. Keke.

Taste orang lain2 kutt.. so tak berani la nak cakap the best everr.. tapi ABC die sedap.. dan die tak overpowering taw. Semua macam cukup2 je. Yang special die tu aiskrim die. Macam-macam perisa.. paling oomphh perisa durian la. Kow Po Ice Cream.. kalau cari macam kat waze ade rasenye. Memang kat pekan Bentong, tepi The Store je.

Free pass tu kena menang contest die . Kena selalu tengok Facebook die. I won yang guess price tu.

Rose Azadir said...

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