Friday, November 08, 2013


Awal Muharram tu I think it would be a good fun for Ajis untuk bawak die ke park...and duk pikir which park to go to. Oh I brought him to taman layang-layang kat MRR2 before this but I was so stressed out sebab orang-orang kita ni suka littering, anak aku ni pulak kaki pungut barang that half of the time is spent of me taking trash out of his hands! Stop littering people ok! So not going there again until Ajis dah over his phase of picking stuffs up from floor. 

Last time I went to JPO bulan lepas, there was a fountain of water and Ajis terus meluru ke situ dan basically have a shower with his clothes on,  lepas tu meraung bile kena angkat keluar...... so I suggest KLCC Park je la. Sepanjang hari adalah mendung because it was raining early morning. So it was a good day to bring the kid out to play as it was not a hot day. 

Manage to snap a pretty good pic showing on how much fun can be had. Perut anak akuuu. 

Dah la I forgot to brinig a towel, but I do brought him spare clothes and diaper and swimming diaper. So guna baju je la lap badan die afterwards. Seronok gile la. Left him with his father while I patah balik to KLCC to buy a drink and donut dan minum and makan sambil usha him playing while I am reading my book. Bliss I tell you. Though not for long sebab I sibuk jugak nak amik gambar die. 

The wading pool is very cetek, kalau little Ajis up to his waist je la, but still parental guidance at all times especially for toddler kan sebab at one time die main-main kejar-kejar and he fell back into the water and all submerged and could not get up. His dad was next to him and picked him up quickly and tepuk2 sikit dan he is good to go. 

It was a good place for him sebab the pool is just right for him dan he made friends easily. Ade this one boy who is probably 2 or more years old and looked a little bit like my cousin. Ajis was drawn to him. So die orang main-main together. At one point I saw Ajis keeps on poke2 the boy. Rupanye my husband told me that Ajis duk poke that boy punye nipple -_- . Curious gamaknye. Haha

Afterwards fun time in water bile bapak die detect Ajis pooed. Erghh. Quickly picked him up and nak salin kat toilet nearby. Harapan la. The condition of the toilet is erkkkk. I hate public toilet. Thank God the disabled one is working and semi clean so I cleaned him up there. Tukar baju and let die main dekat taman lak. 

Muka enjoice/in awe main swing. Seronok gile weh. Siap kepala tilt2 lagi ke bawah. 

Afterwards when he had begun to look tired we headed to KLCC for lunch la. Sebab aku malas nak pikir and the first restaurant I saw was Harrods Cafe we went there.

Ambience memang tip top la and got baby chair. The waiter likes Aziz and duk panggil2 die. Ajis ni memang pantang ade orang admired, terus jadi macam merak. Ordered pie and mash so I could eat mine with Aziz and husband ordered the meatloaf  . The meal was so so only la but I don't mind going again since I like the environment. Feels very relaxed there. Kat belakang Aziz tu ade banyak kek2. I salivate la thinking about it.. tapi decided to order the creme brulee sebab memang I pantang tengok dalam menu kalau ade creme brulee. 

I bawak his drinking cup when we go out to eat so aku tak stressed out die tumpahkan air.

Kecik ni je taw. Sudu kat tepi tu sudu desserts tu. kira kalau scoop 3 kali habis dah aku ngap. T_T . The taste was ok la. Not to die for, tapi tadekle tak sedap. Would try something else kut nanti. 

Anyway lepas tu jalan-jalan shopping mall, contemplate to buy balik Walking Dead... aku tak beli pon Walking Dead as I am not sure which volume I had it last and Aziz dah meraung nak susu dan mak die cerdik tertinggal thermos for hot water untuk buat susu. Nase baik nursery Isetan ade. So next time I bole tinggalkan thermos ( diaper bag aku berat macam bawak anak gajah kenkadang) if I go to KLCC so when bile decide nak buat susu I can head to the nursery there. 

Also from the amount of fun Ajis had going there, far surpassing of any other fun I saw him had anywhere else, I think we might bring him again to the park. If the weather is right. Tak jauh mana pon. 



lisalisut said...

AJIS ni ensem laa.cute.hehe.dh mcm bdk besar 2thn. diam je nk amik gmbr. if hannah,mmg xbole statik if nk amik gmbr dia sorg. guess what? i mandi kt pool klcc tu when i was 12years old. haha.selamba katak je mandi xmalu betul. kehkeh. bile u g klcc ni? i was there 2 nov.haha.

dils said...

Hhaha.. Somehow I am surprise the pool is still very well maintained. And the playground too. Taw je la kan maintenance here. But it is like new. We went again yesterday just for the playground.

Ohh.. we went masa Awal Muharram cuti hari Selasa tu.

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