Monday, November 04, 2013

15 months!

Well yesterday anyway.

My husband and I were talking yesterday on how big he is now. Besar taw. And now he knows his own mind too. Very adamant when saying no. And tantrum thrower.

Bersama kakak Kurap yang garang. Baru-baru ni kena cakar kat hidung sebab pergi hempas buku kat Kurap. Kurap kan tak genial. Habis ade line. Meraung terus tidur. Nowadays he is wary around Kurap.

Also he picked up a bad habit from a girl at taska. The girl is a biter and he got bitten once. After that macam werewolf pulak die duk gigit-gigit orang. I think he didn't know it is wrong sebab after he gigit orang he laughed like it is the funniest thing ever. He thinks it is just playinig.. A bit hard to correct this sebab he likes to bite the cousins and not me. Once he did it to me, I scolded dan kira macam lecture him in my stern voice. Comel sangat taw bile I used that tone of voice tu. He knows I am not pleased, then his face would go all serious and nodded emphatically as if understood. Setakat ni no more biting, but we see how it goes.

Vocab not so much. His first clear word is 'Airrr' . I think he called me 'Mama'. And for other words he likes to rolls word out of his tongue when he heard unfamiliar words, but it is just a one off things.
He likes Lego a lot, K-Nex ( things that goes together and go apart can keep him interested for a while). I also just realized that he will only babbles around people he is familiar with him. Balik JB baru-baru ni my mom asked me if my son is bisu kee...Hahaha.. Only after a day at JB baru heard his voice.

I bought him a toy violin quite some time ago and left it unopened, a cheap thing bought from UO. I tried to play the violin in front of him one day and he was so excited and siap joget2 goyang2 bontot lagi. Haha. Sibuk nak ambik my violin so I bukak his toy violin. Excited la die try gesek. But it didn't produce any sound. Cuma bile tekan at certain place will play the usual 'electronic songs'.
Tengah telek dan pikir kenapa tak sama gamaknye

Played it like a cello..walaupon terbalik. If you are good I will buy you a real one.
Oh sekarang ni jugak, makan nak suap sendiri. Tapi sebab makan sendiri tu macam lambat dan setakat 3 4 sudu sambil feeling2 buat mende lain, sambil2 tu aku suap gak. Huhu. *macam mana anak nak pandaii ni mak tadek patience*. I usually fed him at the living room, so my white carpet tu I replace with a rotan mat. Yang paling seronok adalah the cats.
Anyway... I am not sure what to write more. Typical day to day with him had gotten easier, he sleeps better nowadays. Still cengeng bile nampak mommy goes to the other room.
Oh.. hari Jumaat tu I nak hantar die ke taska. I let him walk to the taska sebab jalan tak sampai 5 min pon dah sampai. Anyway I saw 3 stray dogs lepak across the road from the taska. Rase tak sedap hati dah. Bile dah dekat, the dogs noticed us I terus la angkat die and dukung sebab dogs viewed small children as preys from what I heard. Tengok Ajis terkedek2 jalan kang ade die lunge. Dah la anjing tu tengah jalan depan gate taska tu. Camne nak masuk! Bile dekat je, terus one of the dog lari towards us and barks! I backed away softly with my  things in front and holding Ajis. Cuak wehh.. bole sangat anjing tu nak terpa. Just reminded myself to stay calm and walk away slowly. Kalau lari memang la kena ngap. So I diri la kat tepi jalan a little out of the way for several mins. Then I noticed yang anjing garang tu dah tadek. Walk quickly to the taska, hantar Ajis, tetiba the dog came running heading towards us. Menjerit la aku masuk taska tu jugak. Hahha. After the dog barked at us, she probably thinks that this is not such a good place to hang out then go elsewhere. Baru la boleh I keluar dengan leganye.
Ajis in all this? Memula die excited nampak doggy. He made some excited noise tapi bile anjing to datang barked at us he turned quite serious and silent. I guess he knows it is not safe. Nasib baik Aziz pon senyap. Kalau die meraung kee... I don't know what the dog reaction would be. Rase lemah je lutut after the doggie ordeals tu.
Esok cuti! Plan to bring him to a park, hermm.. need to think which park.


Lisalisut said...

Ya allah kalau i mmg dh lari kot. I takut anjinggggg. Hannah xtkt. Sbb dia tatau pn anjing bole gigit. Ish xyah laaa jln kaki lg huhu.. Bahaya.. He's so cute ntw hehe

dils said...

haha.. rase memang nak aje larii.. tapi lutut pon lemah je. Thank you, I think he is so cute too!

Btw, happy belated birthday Lisa!

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