Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Some update sebelom gua punye team lead perasan gua tadek keje.

- I sent little Ajis to taska! Poor baby. Mula-mula I sent him to a pengasuh that used to take care of my sister kids for awhile. She kinda reluctantly take him in, sebab she already have around 5 kids to take care of. But the other  3 kids she is taking care of are older kids so she think she can cope. However Ajis cry non stop dari start hantar so die bertahan dalam sejam setengah je there. Huhu. Next day tu she sent us a text saying she don't think so she can take care of Ajis. I dah risau takut no one would take him in.

- However we did looked around some taska in the area. There is one which I love but my working hours and my family working hours making it really impossible to fetch him there on time. So we put that taska on hold for a while sampai my husband working placement is more permanent. He can go back earlier, while the earliest I can get home is 7.10 pm. Taska tu by 6pm dah kena amik. Susah la kan.

- Anyway, there were another just 4 doors away from my home. So we sent him there. The pengasuh there looks ok, and major plus point when we first test to send Ajis there last week, he looks delighted to be there. Sebab ade few boys his age there. He prefers the company of boys from what I seen. Also he is ok with the pengasuh2 there. My husband said maybe sebab one of them looked like my maid. Hehe. Probably, kids do like things that are familiar to them.

- About the taska? So far so good. Ajis had been crying, but not too bad. Only at first, and only when he saw the taska door opened. Probably expecting we will be there kut. But other than that, he seems to be enjoying playing with kids and eating. The taska provided food. I did provide him food the first day, tapi pengasuh tu informed he didn't eat much. I also know that my boy like to eat sama-sama with other kids, so bile makanan die lain dari yang lain, he won't care for my food. So I didn't cook for him la for now, which makes me a little sad, but on the other hand, the subsequent days the pengasuh informed he ate a lot. So just do whatever makes him happy la. I asked what kinda thing they bagi, they said it is usually nasi with sup, so I am ok with that.

- Apart from that .. it was ok. Cleanliness seems good, Ajis is happy, the bottles are being washed way better than my maid ever washed Ajis bottles. Maid aku tu dah ajar berulang kali pon still fail gak. So if the taska seems ok, we will put Ajis there permanently la or up until 6 months. Tengok dulu.

Ajis tengah excited tengok my bag tudung organizer. I am gonna buy another one of this la! Senang nak cari tudung pasnih. Yang ni muat shawl je. Huhu. Before this I used the Ikea punye kotak besar bawah katil. Tapi Kurap asyik tolak kaver die and lepak dalam kotak tu -_-"

- Oh kenapa we are putting him in taska while we have a maid? We are sending her back next weekend. Why? Maybe I will tell about it later la.


lisalisut said...

apa perasaan u ms hntr dia ke taska? i dr hannah 3mo smpi skrg still rs sedih tiap kali hntr. what to do.. mummy kene keje huhu

dils said...

First and second day tu sedih la, tadek mood nak buat kerja sangat pon. Huhu. But afterwards ok je. Tapi bukan I hantar die ke taska pon, my husband do it for now, supaya die lagi kurang nangis. So kena spare tengok die cry kena tinggal la. Nanti I kena hantar rase sedih tu mesti datang balik.

Setiap kali dengar nangis camtuh mesti rase macam nak berenti je kan.

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